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Everywhere we look we see different kinds of plants, animals, mountains, etc. We have many kinds of silver and many traditional places in the world where our minds are absorbed and we can learn a lot by looking at different places from different places. Many people travel and see a lot. We learn a lot and in the same way we have a lot to know and learn. Nature does a lot for us from this nature and we get a lot from nature so we should take care that nature is not destroyed and nature works for us in various ways. We never want to go. Our nature is destroyed. There are many kinds of plants around us. Many people cut them down and build houses. It destroys the environment and we may die one day due to lack of oxygen.

Rules & Regulations :

• Topic - Nature Photography.

• You Need To Make Your Post In @open-theworld community.

• You have to added your post link in comment.

• Entries must be original work - No Plagiarism.

• Only 2 pictures need to be shared.

• Invite your 5 steemit friends to perticiapate in this contest.

• Resteem This Post.

• Share your entry in twitter & share screenshot comment below.(optional)

Prize :

Rank Prize
1st place 50 Steem
2nd place 30 Steem
3rd place 10 Steem
4th place 5 steem
5th place 5 steem

Deadline :

The last time this contest is on September 24 at 8 pm Bangladesh time.

Big Thanks

Cc: @pennsif

Special thanks

Thank you


I will participate

Hello, this is my entry. Thank you so much ❤️ and Also i shared it on twitter. thank you so

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