STEEM Model of the Week #24 - Vote and Win

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Weekly Model Contest

Hello Dear Steemians,

the Re-Start of the weekly Model Contest has successfully been made last week. So we are going for the second round of this month to find another finalist for Miss June. Please vote by directly stating the name or/and the number of the model(s) you prefer. You can win SteemBasicIncome shares as lined out in the rules below. Comment, Resteem, Upvote and have fun. Here are our Models for this week.


The Models of the Week

No#1 @katery12

original Post

No#2 @sina.zadra

original Post

No#3 @erzebett

original Post

No#4 @jelenastyle

original Post

No#5 @marina2017

original Post

No#6 @siavach

original Post

No#7 @tammizzle

original Post

No#8 @folakere

original Post

Rules for Models

  • Every week 8 models are chosen to compete for the model of the week contest
  • Models can apply anytime by tagging instagram-models or hive-151070 in their content
  • Models that post their content into the Model Agency Community (@hive-151070) are prefered partners and will receive bigger prices
  • only unique, real Model-Accounts are considered (no photographers posting their work for example)
  • by Modeling, it is meant that the self-presentation to the audience can be considered for the majority of the posts made by the author
  • participation is possible once per month
  • no NSFW content is allowed
  • the model with the most votes in the comment section wins the contest (if the numbers are equal the Model with the most votes that received the earliest vote wins)
  • the winner will get the prices as indicated below and will participate in the Model of the Month Contest

Rules for Voters

  • voting is done by commenting on the post with the number and/or the name of the model
  • voting for more than one model is possible, but only in one comment
  • multiple comments will disqualify the user from the participation of the price draw
  • users with more than one account should only vote with one account (multi-account-voting will lead to disqualification if noticed)
  • members of the Model-Agency Community (hive-151070) are prefered partners and receive bigger prices (x2)

Prices for Models

  • Contest winners will receive 3 SteembasicIncome shares (SBI) for Lifetime Upvotes by this service
  • Contest winners that are Members of the Model-Agency Community (hive-151070) will get 6 SBI

Prices for Voters

  • Out of all votes, one vote will be chosen using the Steem Random Winner Picker (or equivalent)
  • the author of the winning comment will receive 1 SteembasicIncome shares (SBI) for Lifetime Upvotes by this service
  • author of the winning comment that were Members of the Model-Agency Community (hive-151070) before the comment was made, will get 2 SBI

I choose @ katery12 for great fitness and a beautiful look! 🤟 👀
Also I choose @erzebett for a beautiful passionate look 👀 😎

no1 @katery12 is also my number one

congratulations! Your vote was the winning vote and as a meber of our Community Model Agency (hive-151070) you received 2 SBI shares for lifelong upvotes. We hope to see you regularly voting in our contests. Stay tuned.

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