Tired 🥱

in Model-Agencylast year

Even tho I am tired I’ll go to the gym to spirit up 😂
I do see some changes in my body and I’m glad but pictures sure do give sometimes a wrong picture of someone. So my muscles are there but I look like I have 5kg more then I do have or we just don’t see what other see, debate is open? 😂😂
On the other side some things are not possible to be seen no matter how hard we try. Debate debate haha
I hate how people take pictures after workout in the certain angle and they just struggle fir the breath while squeezing those muscles making us think that they look like that all the time but than we do the same things so we can look like them in those pictures and make ourselves feel better. It’s the chain people 😂





I think you are doing a good job keeping yourself strong and healthy. Good point about the pics.

"All the world's indeed a stage. We are merely players. Performers and portrayers. Each another's audience."

Try not to get too caught up in perfectionism. Just do what is right for you, with the goal of health and happiness. Good luck! :)

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