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Saying goodbye to Summer!😎
The days are getting shorter, and the shadows are getting longer!
Even Liz and Silvertop’s “Grand dog” Phoenix, has her warm orange coat on!☺️
Early this morning Silvertop turned off the electric and cracked the water drain valve open on our hot tub……
It was time………..🙄
The water was crystal clear, it smelled clean, and the temperature was hovering about 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
I stood there watching steamy hot water flow through a garden hose into our backyard…..😳
You never know how Winter will play out in the Pacific Northwest.
We could have a somewhat mild Winter with no snow, or like last Christmas Eve, we could have close to zero degrees, with a nor’easter blowing frigid attic air!🥶
It was best to empty the hot tub!😇
I wanted to check out a small pond near our trailhead on today’s hike.
Even in the late afternoon the grass in the field was frosty!😮
Not many know of this pond.
Everyone hikes past the larger pond that you can see in the second to last photo, and continue uphill into the Mountains!
Silvertop spotted trails through the tall grass, probably deer, heading to the smaller pond.
Well someone knows there’s a pond back here!😇
Both ponds are now frozen solid.
A small creek feeds this smaller pond allowing some open water for the wildlife to drink.
That’s why they come here……………..
The dear are also protected here, this is part of a land trust.
The only “hunters” here are the Cougars!
I watched the trail ahead of me as I hiked through the tall grass.😽
This is actually the perfect bedding area for both deer, and Cougars!😳
Looks like it’s only Silvertop here today, that’s a good thing!😇
I only had minutes before Sundown…………..
Time to head out of the woods, and back home!😀
Too bad Silvertop drained the hot tub, I could use a hot soak right about now!😀
Is it Spring…. yet Lol!🤣
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😀


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