" DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY!"😀 ........................NORTHWEST ADVENTURES! 😀

in Boylikegirl Club • 3 months ago

“Don’t worry, be happy!”😀
“ Alexa, what is the weather forecast for today?”🤔
“ Silvertop, you have a Winter storm watch, a Winter storm warning, and a flood watch, in effect till Monday evening!”
What next a plague of locust Lol!😇
The river looks to be up a bit today in the second photo, but after a closer look, you can see the banks of the river are still all gravel!
This morning as Liz and Silvertop headed to Church, we had beautiful Sunshine, and blue skies!😎
Everyone was talking about the impressive Sunsets we have been having lately!
Ironically ….. some people hadn’t even noticed Lol!🤔
One more reason to take time out of your busy day, to enjoy the outdoors!😇
“ Silvertop I’m buying Latte and mochas, if we head to town to pick up a few things, it might rain anyway Lol!🥰
“ How can I pass up a steaming hot Latte honey Lol!”😇
By the time we were heading back home, the storm clouds were again piling up against the mountains!😮
“Rain at night, and Sunshine during the day, that sounds good to me honey!”😀
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😀

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