A NEW BEGINNING! 😀......................................NORTHWEST ADVENTURES! 😀

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A new beginning!🤗
A sea of yellow as far as you could see!😊
Today’s hike took Silvertop, Liz, and Jan, back to Westergreen’s tree forest.
The local deer population love to eat the tender young tops of these just planted western red cedar trees!
What a tremendous amount of manpower it takes to not only plant thousands of these trees, but then come back later in the fall and cover each one, one at a time, with protective plastic netting!😅
A true labor of love!😊
Silvertop had to coerce Liz to hike today Lol! 🥰
During the holidays, UPS subcontracts deliveries to private drivers.
Early this morning, Silvertop was outside splitting kindling wood.
That’s when I spotted a green pickup coming up our long driveway!😮
“ Hello…… UPS here, I have a package!”
I knew immediately what this was!😇
If you remember………Silvertop made a Christmas “ Deal “ with the Mrs, I would buy her a new iPhone 15 Pro Max, with 256 gig storage, if Liz bought Silvertop more Bitcoin!🤗
A win, win deal!🥰
Her iPhone had arrived!
“ Liz we can hike to the pond at Westergreen, I’m sure it’s frozen, Silvertop can get some good photos!”😇
Hunting season for ducks is over, and it looked like the entire northwest Washington duck population was in this pond today Lol!
I quietly walked around the frozen pond, looking for the best paparazzi photo shoot.
Suddenly the sky was covered with ducks, everywhere you looked!😳
Check out @elizabethbit post for her view, as hundreds of ducks took to the air to evade silvertop!😮
Guys……. I only have my iPhone SE, Lol!😇
Liz was anxious to head back home, her new iPhone was waiting to be set up!🥰
“ New beginnings “ my friends………….
just like everyday is a new beginning, and the opportunity to become healthier!😊
Take care, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike😊

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