Oh, To Be A Kitty!............. NW Cascade Wanderings

Oh, to be a kitty-for a day! At least in my home! 😽

I would gladly exchange a day with Cot! Just to sleep and be fed and loved on! Then, I would not have to deal with all the crazies at work! People are demanding beyond reason and seem to not really be present. Others are awesome and today was a mix of both. It was just one of those kinds of days where I really wanted to tell everyone to back off-I need an hour so I can think! I know you all have had that kind of day before! 🙄🙄🙄

My me,myself and I day tomorrow is more like me and many, lol. I have two frame reps. One will take 1-2 hours. Then just about as she leaves another will arrive. She takes less time but at least close to an hour. Then I also have a first timer training which will be around 45+ minutes or so. Combine that with finishing up today’s work, verifying insurance and making reminder calls, plus many more things, I won’t have much time to breathe then either. Can I retire yet?!

Anyway, Cot was being his adorable self as usual last night. I’ll end this post with another photo of him, but in the meantime, here’s more local eye candy for you!

This is extremely intriguing……

Here’s a little bit different photo of yesterday’s frosty leaves photo.

And, as promised, here’s Cot!😽

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and if you’re having a stressful day like I have had, don’t forget to breathe! I’ll try to remember as well! 🙏🇮🇱🇺🇦


Picture taken by me and altered by cliptocomic app

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