Christmastime's A Comin'!............. NW Cascade Wanderings

Christmas time’s a comin’! It’s all around us everywhere we go!

Church this morning was a refreshing surprise! We started attending this church about a month ago and not only is it Spiritually alive, the pastor decorated it for Christmas. This is the first church I’ve ever attended where they went and not only decorated the vestibule, but the sanctuary as well! The focus is not on those decorations, but truly on the Word! For us, it’s a nice homey touch. See @silvertop’s post for a picture of the sanctuary.

We finally got our tree decorated. I’ll eventually show a complete picture of it but for today’s post, it’s some of my favorite ornaments.

This Santa ornament we’ve had for many years. He is the epitome of what Santa should look like to me.

Upon arriving back from church, I headed up to the computer to work on training for a bit. I’m a bit frustrated with how to price Maui Jim products and hope to get a better understanding tomorrow on one of two training calls. Maui Jim lumps all the products used in a lens together making it impossible to know how to break it apart for insurance purposes, which has to be done because of the insurance. 🙄 It’s enough to drive you crazy! 🤪

I have several birds that reside on our tree. I chose this yellow one for today because of the way the light shines through its tail feathers.

Once I was done (overdone) with the training, we opted to go to Bellingham and shop Winco for groceries. They are decorated for Christmas as well plus they have some foods that are Christmastime only available.

This is a special ornament and it’s first time on our Christmas tree. Bill and Agi brought this back from their trip to Yellowstone this summer. It is hand blown AND painted from the inside! I can’t imagine doing that tedious type of artwork! It’s pretty amazing!

After Winco, we headed home. I forgot to mention that on the way to Bellingham, we went to Starbucks for a pick me up before shopping! ☕️🎄

For you ‘shroom lovers, here’s more eye candy from yesterday’s hike. 🍄

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and have a blessed week ahead! 🙏🇮🇱🇺🇦


Picture taken by me and altered by cliptocomic app

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