Monthly Statics Of Steem SEA Community - Month of November

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This is the Steem SEA Community Monthly Static Post For the Steem Community in Southeast Asia - Month of November. To support all Steem SEA community users, we continue to follow all Steem team rules. We provide votes from all our users via the @steemseacurator community account constantly. We believe that our users who work in our community should be supported from a community account, therefore we continue to encourage them with support to work in the community and always be active on this platform.

Every day I also actively manage the Steem SEA community, namely selecting and submitting the best posts together with other moderators, selecting posts to receive curation from Booming and also voting on posts sent to the Steem SEA community, especially posts from accounts that have met the requirements. Apart from that, together with other moderators, they also launched weekly contests with community accounts. In November we have selected 90 pieces of content to get support from Booming, below Issue 844 : 3 Selected Posts
Edisi ke #844 : 3 Postingan Terpilih [29-11-2023]

Community Statistics


Positive votes have been given to all users from community accounts in the last month. We together with the admin have contributed to trying to support each member well from their respective community accounts and personal accounts.

Now the total number of customers is 10,372 people. Also our community always has 122 active postersScreenshot_20231201_084236_Chrome.jpg
Community Curation Account Details


The Effective Power of the @steemseacurator community curation account can be seen from currently is 129,254.03 SP (58,020.03 + 71,234.00). Its reputation is 74,115 and CSI voting is 10.2 ( 2.32 % self, 271 upvotes, 85 accounts, last 7d ) we try to use this power properly

We strive to support everyone who consistently posts in the Steem Steem SEA community. Our moderators and admins are constantly checking everyone's posts and encouraging everyone to post well through multiple reviews
We also send them messages when supporting from community accounts where we ask them to post well and stay with the community.

Community Booming support details

We provide support from boom to community members with three posts per day. We have been able to provide overwhelming support to a total of 90 posts in one month

Selection of the last 3 daily posts to be displayed in "3 daily selected posts

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JvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH81hux8KcWZyxhBAN4Pmi2NM52UoCgAQxossGeA1zyY7P3UMPBNfYPS5MMCaAFm3SfAQLeyDcseR1KdrQXv8i322dvMDvYn.jpeg@ikhsan01The Diary Game Rabu, 22 November 2023 Kegiatan Di Hari Maulid
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Weekly Contest

This week, as a moderator, I have held two contests and announced the results of the weekly contest in the Steem SEA community with a total prize of 42 Steem Power which I provided from my personal account, namely

Winners of the 10th Edition of Sports Contest Winner of the 10th Edition of the Sports Contest

Daily Cash Book Game Contest Winner 7th Edition Winner of the 7th Edition of the Daily Cash Book Game Contest

Fire Emergency Response Assistance From the @steem.amal account

To help fire victims with emergency response funds via the @steemamal account, every Steemian in the Steem SEA community shares a minimum of 10% of their writing to be donated to the @steem.amal account

YouTube video when distributing emergency response aid from @steem.amal:

Steem SEA Community Team


@steem.seaADMIN Official Account
@steemseacuratorMOD Steem SEA curator

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Special greetings to all my Steemian friends
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