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Airdrop is one of the most important marketing strategy that is used for giving some incentives to project and users and it involves the distribution of free tokens among users that participate in some of the social task and sometime it also involves staking of your sone assets for short time period and these are called paid airdrops ☔💧

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Airdrops also gives different incentives for both projects and users so it creates an interesting situation.

Incentives for Projects

  1. It cause increase awareness and visibility of brand or a particular project.
  2. Its really much helpful in community building and user acquisition so it's another project incentive.
  3. Project get involved in token distribution and for providing more liquidity.
  4. It is useful in marketing and promotional costs minimization.
  5. It acts as an incentive for user engagement and user encouragement for his participation.

Incentives for Users

  1. Users are able to have free tokens or coins that are significantly valuable.
  2. Users have one of most easy approach to new projects and tokens that are distributed by project.
  3. Users have more probabilities of participating in governance and decision-making process so it's another advantage for user.
  4. Airdrop incentivize users for increased token demand and utility.
  5. Airdrop are most crucial for token value appreciation

I have an idea about a project that was"GreenEarth", which was a blockchain based platform, that have started an airdrop for promotion of its native token, "GET".

Incentives for GreenEarth project

  • Green earth project distributed 500,000 GET tokens to 5,000 participants so in this way it creates a community and generate buzz like situation.
  • That project was a way of encouragement of users for engaging with platform so it enhanced brand visibility and token usage.

Incentives for Users

  • Users have received 100 GET tokens that were really valuable, for their participating in that airdrop project.
  • Users get proper approach to GreenEarth platform and its features.
  • Users were able to participate in governance decisions for shaping the future of overall project.
  • User were able to use GET tokens for making transactions, for voting, and for other activities at platform.

What was the Outcome?

  • GreenEarth project at the end was most of successful project in attracting around 10,000 new users,m with 30% those users that were active.
  • GET token price driven up by 15% because of enhanced demand and community engagement.
  • Users take advantage by holding of GET tokens, that can appreciate its value with time.

Airdrops in summarized way can be a way of creating a mutual beneficial situation for both project and users,so it increases project growth and enhance user engagement, while distributing value to participants.

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