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Hello, I hope everyone is well. Today I will share an important thing with you. This post will be very helpful for those who are newbies. Because many newbies are confused about this thing. So I am posting this guideline to clear their confusion.

We get rewards for our content on this platform. We can see our rewards below our posts. But many people get confused when they go to claim post rewards. Because the value of the post shows less when claiming.

As an example I show how much rewards I get for one of my posts. For this we need to take the help of a tool. You can do a lot more with these tools, but today I'm only going to show you how to get the right payout for a post.

The value shown in this post is not the real value

Through these tools we can see all the information and data of our Steemit account. From account opening till now we can see all the activities we have done in our account through these tools. We can find all the history of our account very easily through it. So all users should know about this tool.

First go to your own account username.After entering the you have to scroll down a little bit then you will see the Author Rewards option.

If you click on the refresh option, you will see the correct pending rewards of all your posts for the entire week.

Author Rewards>Refresh

I am given the exact rewards of my desired post that I will claim when I pay out. This way you can check the pending rewards of all your posts through this tools.

The real rewards value of my desire post

With the help of this tools you can also check all your pending curation rewards. That's why you need to click Refresh from Curation Rewards option.

Hopefully from now on those of you who were in confusion about the correct payout amount of the post will be able to know the correct information through this tools.

Thank You


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 last year 

hmm, but you missed one thing.
At TRX rewards were not included.
In your calculation : $19.17 + 102 TRX = $19.17 + $(102 X $0.051) = $19.17 + $5.20 = $24.27

Thanks for the method and clear guideline,dada.☺️


 last year 

And currently you will get only 65% of your post rewards.

it was a very informative post I was wondering about the total estimation of reward for so long but now I got an idea on how to find it.
One other thing I want to ask is that steemit shows our trx in the redeem reward but it does not add to our wallet amount why is that ????
and when they give us the trx.

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