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Hope you all are well. Today I am here on behalf of this community and on behalf of @rme Dada to share an important announcement with you all.

Steem Alliance


made by @nusuranur


We are here with you today with a very important announcement, hope you all read this post carefully and I also think that many people on this platform have been eagerly waiting for this post, the wait is coming to an end.
Because I'm announcing with @rme dada's permission through this post that the
Steem Alliance is recruiting a second round of moderators.

First of all I mention here that we will recruiting moderators in some specific sectors. The only reason is that when you apply, you must mention in your application which sector you are interested in working in. And if we take someone as a moderator, we will give them the opportunity to work in the sector in which they are willing to work. Because we believe that if you can work independently, you will be more successful in any work.

  • Moderator Recruitment Sector – 2 Types
  • 1st. Checking community post quality.
  • 2nd. Working in the promotional sector of the community.

We are recruiting moderators for the Steem Alliance community. Conditions for applying to become a Moderator,

  • 1.Must be a reputed community admin, moderator, country representative, very popular person of the platform who is contributing to the development of the platform.

  • 2.Only one community founder,admin, moderator or country representative from a community can apply.

  • 3.Those who are well known on this platform will be given priority. Even if he/she is not an admin, moderator, country representative, it will be accepted after discussion.

  • 4.The number of moderators will be limited. So the moderator will be taken through verification. If you agree to this Verification will be done on Steem Alliance's official Discord server. To initiate this please, first of all please comment below.

  • 5.ID's reputation should be minimum 70.

  • 6.Moderators must be interested in improving this platform and at least spend some time in the community.

  • 7.Must have good knowledge about the platform. So that the problems of the platform can be solved.

  • 8.Who give enough time. That is to say, it has to be done every day.

  • 9.Must be active on Discord.

Those who want to work in promotional sector. Some special criteria for their recruitment -

  • 1.Must have experience in promotion work.

  • 2.Must have good idea about different coin market place and how to promote it on popular and different sites.

  • 3.Must have good idea about coin market places.

  • 4.Sufficient time should be given.

  • 5.Promotion updates should be given regularly.

  • 6.You need to know how to advertise the Steemit platform through ads on different sites.

Some special criteria for those who want to work in quality controller sector -

  • 1.Must have experience in promotion work.

  • 2.Sufficient time should be given.

  • 3.To be co-operative with other mods of the sector.

  • 4.Daily posts should be checked daily.

  • 5.Read the post and then comment on the post. Do not comment robotically.

One thing I want to clear in advance. That is, no one in this community has guaranteed support. Everyone has to post according to the rules of the community in general. But if we see good performance at work, support will definitely be increased.

  • How to Apply –

Apply by commenting on this post.

  • What to Mention -

In which community, in which position are you working?
Write down which sector you are interested in working in and why you are interested.

  • You can write a summary about your work skills.

  • Give Discord ID and Email ID.

  • And those who don't want to apply in the comments for confidential reasons. You can contact me in Discord's DM.
    My discord id is nusuranur .

After submitting your application we will invite you to the moderator-verification channel of steem alliance's discord server. When you pass the verification process you will be assigned a moderator badge and tag on your real Steemit ID in Steem alliance community.

Important post link -

Announcement : Moderator recruitment for Steem Alliance Community
Objective of Steem Alliance community at a glance.
Why Steem Alliance?

also you can check all the pin post in the Steem Alliance Community .

Again,Thank you all. Together we will take this platform to the top.

We all have one goal - make Steemit great again.

Hoping for your valuable feedback. Together we will bring development to this platform.

Thank you
Best Regards,



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 last year 

It is a pleasure to submit my application to join the Steem Alliance moderator team.

I am currently working as a moderator in the Scouts and their Friends and Recreative Steem communities, where I have been able to acquire experience and skills for the management of the platform.

I am an active user, with a reputation of 72, and I usually maintain more than 7 active posts per week.

I am interested in working on promotional work for the community activities and the platform in general. Generate strategies that allow Steemit to reach many more people and thus contribute to the strengthening of steem.

I am a professional in Accounting, and I handle some aspects related to the crypto market, so I have adapted perfectly to the management and development within Steemit. In addition, I have experience in the area of graphic design, which is of great importance for the development of advertising campaigns.

Discord: yolvijrm#6974
Email: [email protected]


Hello Dear @nusuranur.

Myself Sagor Sarkar (@sagor1233) moderator of Tron Fan Club. I would like to apply for the post of "Working in the promotional sector of the community". I'm well known for Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Editing & Canva. And also an Ads Specialist on Facebook Ads & Google Ads. Our community mainly focused on the Tron Fanbase, Crypto topics, NFT etc. That's why, it is my duty to take my eyes on Coin Marketplaces.

So, therefore, I apply for that sector.

Discord:- sagor1233#0
Mail:- [email protected]

 last year (edited)

Grettings all ,

Steem Alliance

Thanks steem-alliance for giving a nice opportunity. I am a moderator of Steam for Bangladesh. I have been performing this duty for a long time. I have accepted all the conditions and am writing for the application. Will apply for sector number one.

  • 1st. Checking community post quality.

Talking about my personal skills I have enough experience in coin market and I am a trader. I know about the work of Photoshop Canva app for video editing and etc. I have more than two years of experience on this platform and I can also do promotional work.

I have taken up checking community post quality for my convenience. I like to read the posts of different users and gain knowledge from there.So I consider myself qualified for this position. That's why I am giving you my application thanks. my id reputation is 69 +.

Discord:- mostofajaman#2120
Gmail:- [email protected]

 last year (edited)

Hi, Greetings to @nusuranur Firstly would appreciate to be great step for allowing to us to get opportunity to enhance our activities and groom our professional skills through be becoming Mod of Steem Alliance community. Definitely I will be pleased to share my application with enthusiasm.


Screenshot taken from

Accordingly to that my status, I am eligible to apply. Beside that I am rendering my Mods skills In Steem for Pakistan and Steem Fashion and Style Community. I will be honored to have an other Mods opportunity to show case my skills.

Application For: Checking Community Posts
My Discord Account : Uzma4882#9176
My Email: [email protected]


 last year (edited)

I were waiting for such good news. It is a very nice initiative you have taken. I am very interested to become a moderator of steem alliance community. Your efforts to improve the steemit platform are succeeding. As it started with the success of steem watcher community.

I am a Bangladeshi steemian. I have been in #club100 since the beginning of my steemit journey till now. I have never cashed out with Steem growth in mind. Also I am working as a moderator of steem4bloggers community. Right now I am actively working in two communities. I am trying to fulfill the responsibility given by steemit team honestly. I have been working as a steem curator for the past seven months. Where I am a member of Team4. My curator account is @ steemcurator07.

Right now my reputation is 74+ And my total steem power is 18813 sp.
I have full confidence in your initiative and the steemit platform. So I am interested to become a moderator of steem alliance community. Hoping for your sympathy to grant my application.

Discord ID: Solaymann#6464
E-mail: [email protected]

Take love from solaymann 💚

 last year 

My reputation isn't up to 70 but I wish to be a moderator, I really admire the tasks and I have an experience of a moderator, am not very popular in the platform but I will soon.

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