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Hope you all are well. Today I am here on behalf of this community and on behalf of @rme Dada to share an important guidelines with you all.

Steem Alliance


made by @nusuranur


We have decided to start a new activity in our community. Which you all will be glad to know. And I hope this activity is important to everyone on this platform.

We are starting a new initiative in this community. Hope you all like this initiative. And through this initiative we can get to know everyone on this platform especially every community.

In fact, if we want to work well or take forward any work for that what is important for this is to create a good bond between everyone. It is not possible to improve this platform until a beautiful bond is created between all of us.Because, if success is needed in any work, understanding is needed first. Which we still don't see much on this platform. So we decided to start this activity.

There are many communities in this platform. But we all don't know about all the communities. Because everyone has not yet developed a good relationship just because of the lack of communication. Communication is a very important thing in this platform. So we want everyone to post everyone's community introduction post and through this everyone will know about all communities.

📌Introduction Posting Rules -

  • 1. Only one person can post on behalf of a community.

  • 2. The post should be written completely in English.

  • 3. The name of the community and the purpose of the name of the community should be mentioned.and You can share information about your community members. That is, how many active members are this type of information.

  • 4. It should be noted why the community has been opened.

  • 5. It should be noted who is involved in the administration panel of the community.

  • 6. The purpose of opening the community should be noted.

  • 7.It must be noted what kind of posts are made in the community or what kind of posts are supported.

  • 8.The community curation system needs to be noted in detail.

  • 9. It should be noted who is in charge of which tasks in the community.

  • 10.A summary about the community should be presented to everyone. Other users can easily get a clear idea about the community by reading it.

  • 11.It should state what policies the community has regarding abuse or what steps are taken to catch abuse.

  • 12.It should be noted that there are any privileges or specials in the community.

  • 13.If the community has any issues or problems with the curation system, please share them.

  • 14.It should be noted whether there are any problems within the community Which is important to eliminate.

  • 15.If there is any specialty of the community it should be mentioned.

  • 16.Why a user will work in the community should be clearly noted. So that users are attracted to that community.

  • 17.The important tasks of the community should be clearly noted. Through this, everyone will know the important things of the community.

  • 18.You can mention whether you need help from other users or developers or anyone else in the community. It could be community help or if we can find a solution. and of course we will help in that case if we can.

  • 19.You can highlight any work related to development in your community.

  • 20.If you have any ideas that you can implement in your community, please share them.

  • 21.If there is any special event organized in the community, you can highlight it.

  • 22.Apart from these, if there is any other noteworthy thing about your community, then you can also mention it in the post.

  • 23.Only One post for one community is excepted and accepted.

Finally, post a complete intro about your community. Everyone who reads the post can get a very clear idea of ​​your community.

Most Important🖍️

Before posting the intro, please contact me on Discord's DM and get permission to post. Because, if everyone posts at the same time, we will not be able to vote on all those posts. We want to vote on all of the intro posts. So those who want to post, please contact me on DM. I will give everyone the schedule.If you post without contacting me, we will not be responsible if you do not get votes. The reason for these rules is that we want to vote on your very important intro posts.

The End📍

Thank you all for your support. Let us know in the comment section if you have anything to say. We will be happy to help you.

Again,Thank you all. Together we will take this platform to the top.

We all have one goal - make Steemit great again.

Hoping for your valuable feedback. Together we will bring development to this platform.

Thank you
Best Regards,



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 5 months ago 

Yes, apu it is a great initiative done by our community and it can be a turning point in developing relationship between Steem Alliance and other communities, which is necessary to bring unity in Steemit.

Communication through intro post is a really very interesting idea taken by steem Alliance. Really very great initiative

 5 months ago 

This is a great initiative and we would love to see communities and their purposes on steemit 😊

That's a great initiative. I hope everyone share their community details. It helps community to get interact with those who don't know about other communities. I will share our community details here. Thank you. I think 4th and 5th question are same as we have to share the purpose of community.

Hi. This is Alegnita as one of the Mods from Steemit Travel with Ripon, Ponpase, Hotspotitaly....🧳✈️ Topic I love to read and share and would like to develop such great future projects for making the platform even greater worldwide while others enjoy this essential activity. Of course other communities are so amazing too but new others that just born and knowing about them in one place it's useful. Humongous initiative I might say. 👍🏼😃 Regards I send from Latin America.🌎

This is a great project, it could be a good way to create a great community meeting point here. Thank you.

 5 months ago 

Ma'am i really like this initiative, it is very good to know about all communities statics.. I hope i will introduce my community beautifully. Again Thanks for this 🙂

@nusuranur I wish to post about my newly form community therefore I wish to contact you for your permission to do so. I have done a few contests in my community and paid my contestants. Where can I contact you for the necessary permission please? Thank you!

 5 months ago 

Hello, @dove11, you can contact here.

Community Discord:- Steem Alliance

 5 months ago 

Thanks for all your support. Let us know in the comments section if you have anything to say. We will be happy to help you.
And again, thanks to everyone. Together we will take this platform to the top.
We all have one goal: to make Steemit great again.
Waiting for the valuable comments from him. Together we will bring development to this platform.

Hello, my sincere greetings, respect and consideration, Miss @nusuranur, I am willing to always contribute to the steem alliance, which is where I started in steemit. In that great community, little by little I have been in charge of contacting important people on the networks and whatsapp to make the steemit platform known and thus also be able to attract investors

If there's any Whatsapp group please send me a group invite link

Good to know the guidelines, this is a good way to promote our communities, I'll send my communities reports shortly

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