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Hope you all are well. Today I am here on behalf of this community and on behalf of @rme Dada to share an weekly report with you all.

Steem Alliance


made by @nusuranur


I would like to disclose Weekly Twitter ( report update in this post.I hope everyone will read.

Today I am back with another new article. Today's post is about our community's activities.

You all know that our Chief Coordinatior @hafizullah has launched a very nice initiative. That is Twitter Promotion, which is very essential for our platform.This is the Final Guideline .So I request you to all that please maintain the all rules.It's not for us,it's for this platfrom,for this platforms promotion.

Twitter(X) Promotion

Actually let me first clarify the purpose of Twitter promotion. The sole purpose of Twitter promotion is to make Steemit more popular in the world. Which I think can't be better than a Twitter campaign. Because Twitter is at the peak of popularity. And with that we also know that cryptocurrency promotion is very popular on Twitter. As with any blockchain or media. We need to think about the most now. That is, how to attract investors, how to attract more people to Steemit. And the only way is promotion.

I will share a report with everyone every week. The report will contain links to every Twitter promotion post on the Steem Alliance. Through this report we can easily understand the updates of Twitter promotion. The only purpose of creating this report is to have a nice list of who is promoting and who is not in each and every week. Also keep track of who is actively engaging with our initiatives.

Below are links to posts from people who properly shared their community Twitter promotion posts on Steem Alliance last week.

All Weekly X social Promo Report post links and community names and feedbacks

CommunityPublisher IdX promo Report Post Link
Amar Bangla Blog@hafizullah
Steem Alliance Community@alsarzilsiam
Steemit Ironchef Community@dasudi
Hindwhale Community@pea07
Beauty OF Creativity@bountyking5
Tron Fan Club Community@sagor1233
Steem Fashion & Style Community@ashkhan
Steem For Lifestyle Community@hive-183369
Steem Of Animals Community@shahariar1
Steem For Pakistan@suboohi
Steem Kids and Parents@steemkidss
Recreative Steem@hive-141434
Comunidad Latina@alejos7ven
Steem For Bangladesh@msharif
Healthy Steem@aliarubab

This post contains links to Twitter promotions between 09/05/2024 and 15/05/2024 Here are 18 community tweet promotion reports we've got. And we hope to see more of these reports in the coming weeks.

This time the quality of most of the reports was not good.I am totally disappointed.

Follow the feedback suggestions.Many people do not follow the feedback suggestions. Later, their reports will have the highest possibility of not going to curation.

If someone's post link is not in this post, then of course you can DM me your post links directly on Discord or you can also give in the comment section of this post. I will attach.


Another thing is that this community has almost many members of the many administration panel. So we note that some members or some community administration panel who are not interested in joining our all initiatives.

I hope you will associate yourselves with each of our initiatives and help us take this platform forward. Because promotion means attraction. And the more investors are attracted to this platform are better for the platform.

Greetings and congratulations to those who have joined us. And those who have not yet joined with us,Join us soon. We have many more initiatives coming soon, stay tuned.And stay connected with us, we want to work with you and for you.

The End📍

Thank you all for your support. Let us know in the comment section if you have anything to say. We will be happy to help you.

Again,Thank you all. Together we will take this platform to the top.

We all have one goal - make Steemit great again.

Hoping for your valuable feedback. Together we will bring development to this platform.

Thank you
Best Regards,




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 29 days ago 

Greetings ma, how are you doing? Yes the purpose of sharing posts in Twitter is to promote steemit and make it possible for investors to invest in steemit.

Steemit really need alot of investors and we need to help steemit and ourselves by keep on sharing posts in Twitter.

Please you didn't spell aaliarubab username correctly 🙏

I think you are doing great, but there is one thing I have noticed: some mods share posts from the Steem Alliance community on X, but they don't share posts from other communities on X. Moderators are role models; if they don't share posts on X themselves, why would other members do so?

You are trying your best to make sure that we all do the right thing, thank you for putting the community in order, promoting steemit on Twitter is one of the best but a lot of users doesn't really understand the benefits, so I think with time we will learn

Hello boss, did I just have an idea? At the end of each publication post a reply to the post... to enter the curatorship so each and every one will have to read.

Nusuranur DOES AN EXCELLENT JOB.. we must respond to the publications so that communication and understanding becomes an influential factor in our community Greetings....

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