We have a lot to learn from the ABB community.

png_20221209_180957_0000.pngimage ABB COMMUNITY

In fact, the more I see about my Bengali blog community, the more I become interested in writing. Because we have a lot to learn from that community. Again, there is no other community on this platform like Bengali blog community. I think the blogger of my Bangla blog community is the best writer here. Because they create very nice content especially their markdown codes are very uncommon and unique. Today I want to tell you. How do you increase community engagement? Your comments members will definitely help in increasing engagement.

Organizing various funny contests in the community

I regularly see and read the posts they pin when they enter my Bengali blog community. After entering the community I saw a post there. That is going to be very important. I would like to present you the link of this post.

এবিবি-ফান প্রশ্ন- ৯৬ || সব খেলার সেরা বাঙালির তুমি ফুটবল

This is a link to organize a funny contest. A question is regularly asked here and a comment has to be made by adding 50 words. Comments cannot be edited in any way. Best or funny comment writer will get upvote as reward. The amount of which is slightly higher than the account. If you organize such regular funny contests in your community, community members will comment on your posts. This will increase community engagement and you must curate its comments.

Screenshot of comment and vote amount collected from ABB community.

Screenshot_20221209-184350_Chrome Beta.jpg

Screenshot_20221209-184346_Chrome Beta.jpg

Screenshot_20221209-184340_Chrome Beta.jpg

To increase the engagement of the community members and increase the relationship with each other, it is necessary to organize such fun and interesting contests. This will be an important contribution to all you community admins and moderators. Thank you, see you all, be well and be healthy.

Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read my blog

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