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Unique logo design for two communities

A few days ago the founder of this community made an announcement. He wants to launch two more communities under him very soon. Despite his busy schedule, he curates community posts. Moreover, Esee organized a competition to create logos for two comments. The community name is steem dev, Steem Alliance. I know all these users who are participating in the contest and created two logos each. Select from among them and use as community logo. Then estimate users will express gratitude to the admin in this community. Now I have created two logos in JPG and PNG files and present them to you.

The steem dev community is open for all developers to share development information on steemit. I myself presented the logo of this community and PDF file.




@rme brothers created the Steem Alliance community so all of Steemit's community admins and moderators can communicate together. I present to you the lodo jpg and pdf files of this community.




I noticed many Steemit users participated in this contest and presented their creativity here by making logos. I applaud them. I present to you two community logos. I will be grateful if the logos are liked and I give full permission to use these logos without any claims. I am really proud if my logo is used in the community.

I made them with pixallab. No logo or type from online is used here. Made entirely with your own creativity. Hope you like the logos. Later, I will be present with you again with a new tutorial.

Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read my blog


Hi! @nusratjahan77 please join abuse watcher discord community appeal channel.

Yes of course I am joining now.

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