Cryptocurrency Airdrop - What is the cryptocurrency airdrops - Part 01

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I hope you are all well. When I was looking for a good topic to write today's article, I thought of writing about cryptocurrency airdrop. Because there are cryptocurrency airdrops in many places. And some of those airdrops are fake ones run by fraudsters. Therefore, it is appropriate to have proper awareness about this.

I hope to discuss the main topic of cryptocurrency airdrops through several sub-topics. Let's first see what cryptocurrency airdrops are. What is the definition of it?

What is the meaning of cryptocurrency airdrops

Crypto Airdrop is defined as a marketing method used by investors in the cryptocurrency space to promote their new project to the masses. Here the founders introduce a new coin and it is listed through an exchange and then it is launched as an airdrop to become popular among users.

Here, users can receive coins through free airdrops to their wallets after completing the simple tasks given by them through the exchange. The primary purpose of such airdrops is educating users about new crypto coins and bringing various new investors to the project.

While most airdrops are legitimate, as I mentioned above, some may be attempts by fraudsters to steal the private keys of wallets. So the best thing is to participate in airdrops conducted by regular exchanges. And these airdrops can also be based on winning through raffles.

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Also, in addition to the airdrops conducted through the exchange, airdrops are also promoted through the official website of the company launching the airdrops and through social media. But to collect the coins provided here, you must have a wallet based on the blockchain network.

There are several main types of airdrops such as standard airdrop, holder airdrop, raffle airdrop, exclusive airdrop, and bounty airdrop.

Each of these types of airdrops has unique characteristics and advantages. For example standard airdrops, here is no need to do any other tasks to get new coins or tokens during an airdrop and it only requires registering an account to participate in the airdrop. Therefore, users can choose one of the airdrop types according to their preference.

There are various ongoing airdrops projects for the year 2023 and below is a screenshot of the current airdrops in the binance exchange.

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LUNA is the only ongoing airdrops project on Binance exchange. Most of the airdrops have ended by now.

Is it possible to get steem as an airdrops..?

Steem cannot be obtained as such airdrops. In my more than two years of experience, I have not come across airdrops projects offered by steem. Steem is not available for free like that. For that, you have to publish articles or work as a curator.


Airdrops is simply a program to get free coins. Anyone can participate in airdrops programs by creating a registered account. Airdrops are introduced for a specific period of time and must be attended before it ends. Information about new airdrops will be communicated through the exchange.

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In the next article I hope to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of airdrops as well as their types.

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