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My Proposals


When a new steemit user joins steemit to work. If we can provide rewards to encourage them then we will get good content creators. Because in the beginning when a content creator joins steemit does not get support. Then he lost interest in working. So if we can find the content creator from the beginning and provide them with some incentive rewards then our platform will be better. And a content creator will be more willing to work. In this case, everyone will be more than happy to work on the platform from the start.

Steem & trx daily market price would be good to see on steemit's blog. Then we don't have to enter the coinmarket cap to know the price of steem & trx. Everyone could know the prize of daily steem & trx only by entering the steemit blog. Doing this would make the steemit platform more attractive.

Recently, we've got seen power downs coming back from communities. These communities were created by individual users and before it grew to the present level have place in most to be recognized by steemit team. so once they ar in want for money to unravel exigencies, they power down. I would counsel that to avert that state of affairs, the steemit team ought to produce community accounts on the platform, choose it's admins and moderators (make it open for those qualified to apply), whereas stating the incentives for them, like they did with the curators. this can go a protracted thanks to curb power downs as we've got experienced within the past.

Sometimes people like the post. But even if you want to tip him/her, it is not possible. Because if you want to tip, you have to go to the wallet and then pay. Now if there is an option below the post, then you can give a small tip even if it is a small amount. That will make quality bloggers happy. In this case the new bloggers will vote if they see a post and like that post. But there are many new bloggers who will not get any cents or amount due to lack of voting power. If he wants to, he/she can send the tip to that blog with the help of the tip option. Not only new bloggers but also old bloggers will be very helpful to send tips to anyone. Then they and new bloggers who published quality posts will be more than happy to get tipped.

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Hi @nahidhasan23 I agree with your proposal.
I have been trying to post Steemit continuously for six long months.After six long months of work, I managed to earn about 450 Steem.This is a very small amount of income I think.Every human being needs money to survive.Those who first come to work in Steemit must need support.Otherwise, the number of users on Steemit will continue to decrease.I see many users are not working on Steemit now.It is very disappointing.
@hungry-griffin Steemit need your support to development i think so.

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