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Hello , Everyone.
Hope all are well . We all know that our community founder, @rme dada, launched the Steem Alliance community only for unity among community leaders, witnesses, investors, and developers under one umbrella. There is currently a significant communication gap between community leaders, witnesses, investors, and developers. It's actually not good news for the STEEM ecosystem. We believe that if we want to make Steem great again, we must work together.

Now come to main topic. We all knew that Nowadays Twitter is the most popular social media platform. For promoting Steemit, we thought Twitter would be a great medium. If every steemian shared their steemit posts on twitter , Then Lots of people would be interest about steemit and we could find lots of good authors on steemit. To encourage users about Twitter promotion we are doing some great projects from steem alliance community. Now i share details info about our tweetfeed discord bot .

What is TweetFeed Discord Bot :

Basically, TweetFeed is a simple Discord bot. If anyone shared their Steemit post on Twitter and commented on that tweet link , then the TweetFeed Discord bot Pickup that post link and the comment link , then send that link to the Steem Alliance Discord Server tweet-feed channel.

How TweetFeed Discord Bot help Steemit Community:

if anyone joined steem alliance discord community they can follow-up their community members or anyone's post who share their steemit link on Twitter and comments that shared twitter link in steemit . its really difficult individually to know who shared steemit post on twitter. With tweet feed bot we can follow up these easily.

Some recommendations for sharing posts on Twitter:

  • When sharing your post link on Twitter, please use the hashtags #steemit and #steem.
  • Write a few words about your post when you share it on Twitter.
  • must commented with your shared Twitter link on that post.

Steem Alliance Discord Server Link:

Thanks Everyone , good bye . steem on !

@hungry-griffin, @rme, @blacks

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Come and visit Italy Community

Its good initiatives , thanks for good work

Great work

Hi @moh.arif,
my name is @ilnegro and I voted your post using

Come and visit Italy Community

 last year 

It will now be much easier for us to execute the promotion and manage the whole thing properly, besides I believe that the communities will be able to present their correct statistics correctly. I am also preparing a post about this in details. Always appreciate your contribution.


Thank you for sharing valuable information for us, the introduction of tweet feed bot is good option to follow up the post easily. I already using the #steemit tag and and next time will use steem tag too.

This is really a big help for steemit promotion

Its good initiatives , thanks for good work 👍🏻

 last year 

Great work my friend 🥳

 last year 

Wow great work ❤

It is very enterprising work. Of course, I will follow it. Thanks for this good work.

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