I am a Double Dolphin Can I Have One More Before 28th February 2023?

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Hello everyone how do you do? I trust you're great! As for me, I feel marvelous, I mean I've become a double dolphin meaning this week I have reached a milestone!

It wasn't easy at all, it's was a 7 months journey since the first dolphin 🐬 though I didn't expect it to be long like this, it worth it, I mean there's a wise saying “If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run walk if you can’t walk crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” ~ Matin Luther, I won't say I was flying, no I didn't run, in this case, I walked, but the good thing is I wasn't stagnant, yeah I kept moving which is good!



Yes my sincere answer is consistency, and power up, I know you've frequently heard, talk and read about consistency, but only a few apply it in their life, some think it's hard, untenable, difficult, impossible, And unstable. But this two is a way forward for true Steemians

Consistency means being fully dedicated to a particular goal, activity, or task, it means to be fully engaged without any distraction. Or you can't put it consistency is the ability to stay on track in pursuit of your goals, to carry these goals inconveniences and uncomfortable situations will set in but a consistent person can hold on no matter the situation until he or she achieves his/ her objectives.

As a Steemian you need to be consistent and set goals for yourselves, if you set a goal of becoming a Dolphin 🐬 soon then you need to continue producing good and valuable content, oh rewards might not come as you expected, but don't be discouraged, continue blogging, MOST IMPORTANTLY POWER UP, YES ITS A WATCH WORD, be consistent in powering up at least 50% of your monthly earnings, in my case I Power up 75% or more every months, by doing this you will achieve your goal sooner or later, remember whatever you do you just need to keep moving forward.

Support fellow users through Engagement and votes Steemit is a win win platform, as you upvote others, you're earning curation reward in form of SP, thus growing your Account.


My wallet before I redeem rewards and power up!

my wallet after power up


  • Set and Focus on your Goals.

  • Be disciplined.

  • Be focused and disciplined and develop qualities like Patience and Endurance.

  • Be accountable.

Consistency is the key to success, little things you've done every day can either make or break you. Be hard-working, and remember the reason why some people succeed in certain areas where others fail woefully lies in their ability to be Consistent!


I want to use this opportunity to thank SC01 and SC02 for their continuous support, I don't take it for granted I truly appreciate it!

To all My Friends and Communities who used to support me, I appreciate you all!


I hope to grow my account bigger, I want to be among the few women on the platform who became so many dolphins and orcas, oh it's not bad if I become a whale 🐳 or 🐳 🐳🐳 whales,
I've determined to remain active and consistent then I will get there someday, This is my wish and may it come true one day! Thank you


Thank you so much for your continuous support @steemchiller! You're always there for me since my day one. Yeah I can't forget the days of my humble beginning, I appreciate you!

Congratulations on this great achievement, dear
Happy double dolphin day!
Wish all of your dreams come true.

Thank you my dear @nadiaturrina your good wishes means a lot for me!

Your Good wishes and warm commendations means a lot for me dear @nadiatirrina, thank you!!

You bet! I am sure "You Can", "You Will". Just keep swimming and you'll be there before your own expectation. Yes, swimming is the key, so keep swimming , you will be what you wanna be. My best wishes.

Hello @dove11 your good wishes means a lot for me thank you!

Felicidades amiga, espero sigas creciendo y cumpliendo tus metas. Pronto serás una ballena.

Que disfrutes este logro, saludos

Thank you so much @pelon53 your good wishes means a lot for me!

Hola amiga felicidades

thank you so much @beautiful12 💕

Congratulations on your big achievement I wish you many more dolphins to come

I appreciate your good wishes @henry5

Thank you ma

Another mile stone reached @goodybest. Congratulations for such great achievement, i wish you more dolphins ahead.

Thank you so much @simonnwigwe I appreciate your good wishes!

Wonderful achievement
Congratulations dear

I appreciate your commendations dear

Happy Dolphin Day 💪💪

Thank you 😊

Congratulations on your achievements more dolphin to celebrate, enjoy your Dolphin day

Thanks dear I appreciate your good wishes!

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