Is it too late to invest ?

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There are many of you who are thinking about investments right now. Many people think that it will be foolish to invest now? Is it too late ? because the market is much higher today than it was 2 years ago. So today I thought I would share with you some of my views on investment. Especially those who are now thinking about investment. Actually I don't think it's too late to invest at all. In fact, the way the market is manipulating now, if you invest in the market now, it is possible to get a good return.

Now why am I talking about investing because the market is down almost 80% from where it was in the last 1 year. So , That is a nice entry point. And I think after investing in any coin if it gives 80% - 100% return. That's a very good investment in the episode. Because there are investors who invest and lose 80%-100%. The fact that you have made a profit in that market is a big plus. In fact, nothing happens sooner or later in investment. The fact is that your entry point is where you take the entry that matters the most .

Also if you want to invest in any alt coin then you can get more return. For example, if we talk about SOL Coin. A year ago Sol was around $250. And a few days ago that sol dropped to $8 and immediately pumped back to $25. That's about a 3x return. As such I say you need to look for the market bottom. If you find the bottom you can definitely take a correct entry. And this entry point is where everyone makes the most mistakes. Due to which they cannot succeed in investment.

The main purpose of my words today was just to make you understand that it is not too late for any of you to invest, you just need to understand the market. And you need to find the right entry point. Which alone will guide you to become a successful investor. And I think if you do the right analysis you will definitely find the right bottom.


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Much information shared by you. Highly recommend anyone to give it a read. Investments aren't too late. Time in the market matters.

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