Consolidated Booming votes from May 13 to 19, 2024.

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Greetings fellow.

May continues to progress leaving good emotions in general, the community is closely watching the behavior of Steem in the market, feeling proud to see how it remains above the support line of $0.25 and in expectation of its uptrend. On the other hand, content creators keep up a good pace showing creativity and good knowledge, as well as an excellent interaction between them.

Meanwhile, the curation programs continue to motivate content creators, this week activated the application for new curators for the month of June, who must now apply in teams of 3 members. The Booming program continues to count 26 communities, remembering that Steem Indonesia has been excluded from the initial list of those selected.

The Booming program continues to be one of the most important supports at present, providing votes between $4 and $6, and it is also a support managed directly by the communities, which must ensure its correct use under the established guidelines.

It is important to value the work of each community, who must make sure to support original content related to the users committed to the platform.

Relevant information

To learn about the communities that handle booming votes, you can visit this link.

The selected communities must keep in mind the following guidelines from the Steemit team:

  • The user must "at least" be within #club5050 (preferably).
  • Communities must direct a maximum of 2 votes per user each week.|
  • The user must maintain good activity on the platform, sharing plagiarism-free content.
  • The user must not use in voting service.
  • A user who is a moderator in several communities must not receive more than 2 votes between them.
  • Communities should moderate most or all of the posts that are shared in the same.

Those responsible for each community must at least leave a moderation comment in the publication they choose to receive Booming votes


The following is the management of the communities in relation to the use of the Booming program during the period from May 13 to 19.

In this period we have enjoyed an excellent participation, and where we could see a good management from the communities to attend most of the publications, among these we have Steem For Pakistan with 360, and Comunidad Latina with 300, on the other hand, 8 other communities also showed excellent activity, exceeding 200 active publications each, including World Of Xpilar. Among all the communities supported by the Booming program, there is an excellent figure of 4524 active posts (-149 posts more than last week), being very positive for the platform.

Below we can see the number of active posts and the number of Booming votes received per community, as well as the percentage of support relative to the number of active posts in that community.

CommunityPost ActiveVotes Booming% Support
Steem For Pakistan3604914%
Comunidad Latina3003211%
Steem Kids & Parents2893813%
Scouts y sus Amigos2694818%
Steem For Bangladesh2354318%
Steem For Betterlife2242913%
Steem For Ladies2053517%
Recreative Steem2012914%
Steem Venezuela1983216%
Incredible India1914323%
Hind Whale Community1484228%
Healthy Steem1442819%
Hot News Community1322821%
Steemit Iron Chef1292721%
Steem Fashion&Style1292721%
Steem SEA12443%
Steem Entrepreneurs1192824%
Traveling Steem911415%
Steem of Animals892730%
Ukraine on Steem881315%
Venezolanos Steem821417%
Steem Cameroon731622%

Continuing with the summary, we present a comparison of this week's management in relation to the last period. During this week, 783 votes were distributed (-32 compared to the previous week) among 510 users (-10 compared to the previous period).

Considering last week's report, We can notice that this week there was an excellent distribution, as the number of users who received 4 or more votes was reduced.

Below is the graphical distribution of the votes provided by the Booming program.

Below is a list of the top 20 users with the most support.


In addition, we can see a summary of support by country, community and club.

Votes according to Clubs.

Votes according to Country

Votes according to Community

During the last few days I have collected information about the creation date of each account that has been supported by the Booming program, so far I have managed to consolidate 70% of this data, generating the following support result according to the year of creation.

Votes according to year of account creation.

Below is a summary table of the community accounts and users with the highest number of votes received from the same community, information that may be relevant for the next distribution of votes. The results show an acceptable distribution of votes, despite the fact that several communities and users received more than 2 votes from the same community.

5 Community accounts with the most votes received

#CommunityCommunity AccountVotes
1Steem For Betterlifesteembetterlife4
2Steem Entrepreneurssteempreneurship3
3Steem For Pakistanhive-1801063
4Steem Fashion&Stylehive-1261932
5Recreative Steemhive-1414342

5 users who received the most votes by the same community

1f2i5Steem of Animals3
2shuhadIncredible India3
3shiftitamannaSteem For Bangladesh2
4pea07Hind Whale Community2

The Booming support program is reaching more and more users; below are the 5 users who received this support for the first time.

5 users who have received votes for the first time.


If you wish to know the complete list of the users that received support during the period May 06 to 12, just click on the following link

Other recommendations:

  • Use the Steemseven tool managed by @alejos7ven (New server).
  • Keep up to date with the information shared in the Booming channel on Discord.
  • Schedule Booming votes for the following week to users who have more than 2 votes in the same community or 3 in general.
  • Do not promote votes to publications more than 5 days old.

This report is intended to show the extent of support achieved through the Booming program, and to provide information for a better management review.

Information generated using the Venezuelan time zone.


I thank you for the support and attention you have given me.

I cannot say goodbye without first inviting you to join the #Club5050, where the goal is to accelerate the growth of our accounts to provide greater support in our communities.

To be part of the #club5050, you just have to make sure that during the last month you have more Steem activated than Steem withdrawn.

Let's go for more

World Of Xpilar




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