blue and white heart shaped textile

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This post was set up automatically by a bot to loot the reward pool. The members run a circle jerk over bots here

Everyone wants to squeeze the last cent out of Steem and thus harm Steem. All have switched to HIVE and have also distanced themselves from Stem.

Remember exactly these names and especially who distributes the votes, block them, mutate them or write them what you think of them. You don't need such people on Steem and you certainly don't want to have anything to do with such people on Hive either.

Dieser Beitrag wurde von einem Bot automatisiert eingestellt um den Reward Pool zu plündern. Die Mitglieder betreiben hier einen Circle-Jerk über Bots

Alle wollen den letzten Cent aus Steem quetschen und so Steem schaden. Alle sind zu HIVE gewechselt und haben sich auch zu Stem distanziert.

Merkt euch genau diese Namen und vor allem wer die Vote verteilt.Blockiert sie, Mutet sie oder schreibt ihnen was ihr von ihnen haltet. Solche Leute braucht man nicht auf Steem und auch sicherlich wollt ihr auf Hive mit solchen Leuten auch nichts zu tun haben wollen.

Wir waren vielleicht nicht oft einer Meinung - Aber dass es auch für HIVE keine gute Werbung ist, wenn ein paar Leute lieber die Chain die sie verlassen wollen zuspammen, anstatt was sinnvolles für HIVE zu tun, ist schon sehr schade.

Hi @greece-lover,
Thank you for openly supporting us in our mission to curate greate photos while using our stake that we legally own as we want.

Please enjoy our small gift.

The Project.Photo Community

The account @ belongs to the operators of the Circle Jerk
Der Account gehört den Betreibern des Circle-Jerk

Hey man.... great photos bro.

Wow that's amazing pictures !

Excellent post thanks for sharing 👍🏾 !trdo !BEER stay safe stay home stay active keep up the good work
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amazing images. I love it

Wow.... awesome Photography.

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All stolen material - Grats fucking scammer!

CC03 is free, think before talking shit

You are raping the reward pool. That's just disgusting behavior

that comment shows me that you missed what happened already. Move to Hive, see you there 👊

What is your point? There are still people posting on Steem (I moved 7 days ago to hive btw) and you are raping the reward pool with material which isn't yours. You think that's fair to the people who actually spend time creating content on this platform?

why you downpower your stake ? you don't believe in a centralized blockchain anymore? Well, hugs for you for your move to Hive. How can the images be stolen if they are freely provided by the copyright holder and a reference is not mandatory. Somehow it is not obvious.


thanks for your warm words. 👍

This has been allowed for years.

Fighting for justice with injustice is just incredible stupid. At least they've stopped this bs now.

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