Thoughts On The Future of STEEM

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Bullish, I think this is a huge opportunity!

The community and the witnesses need to impose our will, we need to a show of strength.

No option is off the table for me. Except for the death of the Steem chain

We should look hard at governance to help this issue of one stake hodler to rule them all.

The witnesses assembled quickly, ready to protect the chain. The community showed up and made noise. This place is special.

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First, I am glad Justin’s interview slip kind of forced his hand to release this news early. This allows the Steem community and witnesses to give our input into how this goes down. If they waited and had their plans all ready to go before they announced this, it would have been harder for us to give our input.

Second, I truly do not think Justin realizes the gem of a blockchain he invested in. Once he learns what is here and that this community is unlikely to just switch over to Tron or whatever, I think the opposite will play out and the Tron dApps and developers are going to come over to us. This isn’t egg on his face because now he owns a major stake in both. He will come to fully appreciate all the advantages we have once he learns about us and the technology and it will only make sense for us to continue to exist and thrive.

We won boys. B8BA6D3B-91B1-4777-9F75-73C9B6098C12.jpeg

Yeah but it's a lot less Steem than it would have been a week or two ago!

lol gratz!

You should come play with Steem poker players at

Congrats. Don't do what I always do, donating it all to others on a cash table :)

did you raise pocket 5s under the gun? :D

yep. i'm agro

Didn’t you raise it to 5555? 😂 You might have a tell...

Either raise or fold, that's how to win.

Something to work with after two days of depressing information flying all around. I guess we can steady the ship might take time. Thanks a lot Dan

Well, something to look forward to then! After so much confusion and negativity on the initial.announcement, and the AMA being somewhat underwhelming, thanks for bringing some positivity.

Just went on and bought some yesterday before the AMA. I do expect some turbulence in the price action in the coming days

I'll be looking to buy some more if there’s a bigger price dip, though i'm a very small investor. For now I'll be focused on accumulating as much steem as I can from my blog!

Here's to not giving up on steem!


I’ve commented in multiple places about looking at making governance based on 1 SP = 1 vote, so that stake isn’t boosted by a multiple of 30 in the witness voting process. Discussion in this post has me realize that simply decreasing the number of witness votes does much the same thing, and far simpler. 5-10 witness votes per account would also be a sufficient remedy to help decentralize governance further. And arguably, it’d actually be more user friendly. As Steem heavy as I am myself, I can’t keep up with researching and casting a full 30 witness votes in good conscience... less choice is sometimes more!

Of course, it's very special. When I thought that with retirement it's all over steemit taught me that no, that we have other ways to acquire an extra ticket. Thanks to you for this unconditional help and your contests Blessings and all will be for the better ... I believe it!

Thanks : @theycallmedan.

Good stuff man, I forgot how much I missed your videos on steem.

Hello @theycallmedan, moving towards steemit's future at a steady pace.

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