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RE: What do we need to see in the AMA live stream between Justin Sun and Ned Scott

in Threespeak Team9 months ago (edited)

After reading and watching so much about this topic, we can just hope for the best. I see how everyone is shocked and tired about this. Maybe the only solution is the fork. We can surely keep building the original steem and we will have exchanges that will accept it and even if it will be called ''Steem classic'' or any other name. We love steem not because of its name, but because of the way it works. We don't need to an other blockchain if we don't have to. I hope dapps will stay in steem ( the original one ) and witnesses will do the right thing and tron team will save the original steem and just improve it instead of swaping it. Maybe after they had dlive, they decided to remove from their way the biggest compititor and that's why they baught steemit. Sad to see all this happening. But, I still think that we can do something about that.


yup! agreed! I think everything will be ok!

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