Sing and play week 160 - How to enter


Dear music lovers

This is a secondary account that I use to promote other communities and announce the "Sing and play" events.

Please take part in the pinned event first and thank you for supporting this event!

You will receive prizes in Sing and play tokens if you take part in this event. You can sell your SP (Sing and play tokens) on

This music event will run in the "Sing and play" or "Dance and music" community.

How to enter Sing and play week 160

One entry per person only.

Upvote and resteem this post!

One of the main tags should be #singandplay.

Write a post in the "Sing and play" or "Dance and music" community.

Title: Sing and play week 160 - Title of the song

You need to share your link as a comment here if you are creating your post in the "Dance and music" community.

You will need to write a post by Wednesday, 13/10/2021. When the "Sing and play" event is not announced, you can start creating your post from Friday. More "Sing and play" events will be announced in the next couple of days because I'm busy with some other projects and I won't be able to announce this event every week.

The format of this music event can change from time to time.

This account or my main account @Donatello will be used to announce this event.

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for reading!


Buen día queridos amigos y amigas de Sing and Play 160; saludos cordiales para todos. Por aquí mi entrada retomando, una vez más, nuestra música venezolana: "Quiérela más que yo" de Luís Cruz, es el mismo autor del "Cumpleaño feliz".
Good morning dear friends of Sing and Play 160; best regards to all. Here is my entry taking up, once again, our Venezuelan music: "Love it more than me" by Luís Cruz , is the same author of the "Happy Birthday".

Hello my dear friend, it's really a great day and am really happy to see the Love and wonders of this day.
Here is my entering and I hope you will enter yours.

Hola mi querido amigo, es realmente un gran día y estoy muy feliz de ver el Amor y las maravillas de este día. Aquí está mi entrada y espero que tú entres la tuya.

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