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۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۲ ۰۳.۰۷.۴۷.jpg
Hi my friends .
That's my job with the charcoal and brush technique.
The time taken to do this is 6 hours.
The size is 50 x 70.
I invite you to see the painting steps.
Thanks for your attention.
۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۲ ۰۳.۰۷.۰۴.jpg

۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۲ ۰۳.۰۶.۱۴.jpg

۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۲ ۰۳.۰۵.۵۹.jpg

۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۲ ۰۳.۰۵.۴۱.jpg

۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۲ ۰۳.۰۳.۳۲.jpg

۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۲ ۰۳.۰۳.۱۶.jpg

۲۰۲۰-۰۳-۰۵ ۱۶.۵۵.۴۶.jpg

Art by @khodadadpoor.art



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Good art! I believe that your post is undervalued and deserves a reward. I added it to the list of underappreciated posts.

It is really good

I love the details. I can never seem to get the hair details right on my drawings.

Great job!

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