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Hai guys I'm here and In this message, I'm going to be a list
what foods enhance your running
capacity or physical exercise capacity
if you are a person who exercises
regularly or runs regularly then your
the diet should consist of increased
antioxidants why antioxidants
are very important for muscle and bone recovery.

number one :

oranges are an excellent source of
vitamin C is very important to
recover from muscle soreness.

number two :

eggs are a fantastic source of amino
acids which are required for muscle
recovery and good sources of vitamin K
which is required for bone recovery.

number three :

almonds are good sources of vitamin E and it is very good
for your joints finally dark chocolate
dark chocolate contains compounds called
flavonoids which help lower inflammation
as well hope you found this message useful
enjoy these foods and have a wonderful
workout or a run have a great day.


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