SteemFoodsTagram Day | Share Your Best Food and Cooking Photo of the Day | +100 STEEM Rewards ! ⭐️

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What is SteemFoodsTagram - New Mini-Event  Meet SteemFoodsTagram, the Food Version of Instagram! 📸 (5).png

Hello Everyone:

Today I want to signal a comeback to you after a very long time with one of the competitions that I have often organized in the SteemFoods Community before.

Recently, I shared a post called Would you like the SteemFoods Community to return to steemit. I saw that all users had questions and criticisms about why I left steemit. This problem wasn't just about me. Now I'm launching our contest called SteemFoodsTagram to kickstart our comeback.

It is very easy to participate in the competition..

How Can I Join SteemFoodsTagram ❓🙂

1️⃣ It will be enough to share your favorite food and cooking photo of today in the comment section. It can be a meal you prepared today, it can be any food or beverage you order in a restaurant, cafe or patisserie, we accept all photos of food and cooking.

I will share a photo example below. This will guide you.

2️⃣ Just handwrite your SteemFoodsTagram, your steemit username and the current date (don't forget to add 30-07-2023) next to the photo you will take.



3️⃣ Share your photos in the comments section of this post.📌

4️⃣ Optionally, you can support us by tagging a few friends so that we can reach more active users. 🏷

Awards and Duration of the Contest

📌 The event will start at 23:59 Turkish time every day from today and will last for 31 hours.

1️⃣ Day : Started with this post and will end on 01-08-2023 at 23:59 Turkish time. (With the current time you will have approximately 31 hours to join)

2️⃣ Prize Pool For The Event: 100 STEEM / I will send 4 STEEM to each winner for the 25 Best Food and Cooking Photos I will choose. (Depending on the number of participants) 🏆

It is a micro event that I organize for simple participation, increasing interaction + activity and entertainment. I hope all our users will participate and have fun at this event. 🙂🎉📸


Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


Background Photos Source


Se ve que tienes ganas de regresar, creo que es conveniente que antes de lanzar un concurso nos aclares como será tu nuevo camino en la plataforma, también que nos indiques cuales usuarios representan tu equipo de trabajo, ya que tus MOD anteriores no están en la actualidad desempeñando esta función aquí.

Si quieres nuevamente tener una comunidad exitosa como la que tenias debes hacer las cosas bien amigo @alikoc07

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