SteemFoods Medicine Donation #14 | Fourteenth Family Reached for Health Products Donation | Support Against Pneumonia

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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will start the detailed donation report of our fourteenth user, whom we reached in the Medicine Donation I started on the SteemFoods Community. As you know, I am trying to strengthen the SteemFoods Community, make Food + Medicine Donations, and do our advertising and sponsorship activities with all the income we get from the sf-charity account, which is the official charity fund account of the SteemFoods Community. With our Medicine Donation event, I help our users who have health problems on the steem blockchain and support them in purchasing medicine from the pharmacy. This user is from the African Region and is struggling with malaria, pneumonia and low back pain, he works in the warehouse section of a factory and needed important medicine for his recovery. Our Africa Region moderator @ngoenyi told me about this and I contacted our user via telegram. After learning the necessary information about health problems, I supported our user by sending 3 SBDs to his wallet. As the SteemFoods Community, it is really pleasing to reach and support people from all over the world in need of help, our total number of donations is over 45 as of today, which is great. Now, below, you can see the medicine purchased by our user and the price information of the medicines in detail. Thanks to our moderator @ngoenyi for communication and information support. The name of our donating user is @nwandu, all the photos are below...

Medicine Donation 14-1.jpg

Medicines Purchased by Our User and Receipt Information:

We wish our user a speedy recovery. I hope that with this donation, his health will be much better first.

  • Name of our Donation User: @nwandu

  • 3 SBD I Sent From SF-Charity Account :

nwandu-3 sbd.png

Medicine Donation 14-2.jpg

Medicine Donation 14-3.jpg

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Excelente obra está realizando la comunidad. Que bueno que hay personas que contribuyen con la humanidad


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