New SteemFoods Era Begins | You Can Share Your Diary Game Posts! | Interaction League Begins! 🆕| #sfcharity50pc

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New SteemFoods Era Begins  You Can Share Your Diary Game Posts!  Interaction League Begins! (1).png

Hello Everyone:

Today I will share an important announcement with you. You can share your The Diary Game Posts in the SteemFoods Community from today, so that our users can interact with each other before the 1st Year Term of the SteemFoods Community, and also due to the intense requests I received. As the SteemFoods Community, I am happy to continue this wonderful event that started in the new era of Steemit. As an extra, I believe we can interact more in the comments section of Diary Game Posts. Plagiarism and the use of copyrighted photographs will also be prohibited while sharing our The Diary Game Posts. However, I am sure that our users who already share content in the SteemFoods Community will share steem-exclusive, quality and original content. I would like to share some tips for our users who want to share their Diary Game Posts in the SteemFoods Community and gain votes from the steemit curation team. I will share these tips with you again in more detail.

What Should I Consider When Sharing My The Diary Game Posts?

  • Note that the photos you use in your post are copyright free. In addition, you should not plagiarize.

  • Use #thediarygame and # -name of your country as one of the first five tags of your posts. ( Example : #thediarygame and #turkey ) - You should use your country as one of the first five tags.

  • Your Post Title: THE DIARY GAME : 01-09-2021 |..... ( You can write and share an important event of your day. Example : THE DIARY GAME : 01-09-2021 - Like my mother's birthday...

  • You can add a description on the photos you use. For example, on the cake photo (Like Mom's Birthday Cake)

  • You can share your location information.

How Can I Earn Vote Support on My The Diary Game Posts?

You can get a chance to win votes for your post by steemcurator01 by arranging a benefactor award for the official charity fund account of the SteemFoods Community @sf-charity. Set a 50% benafactor reward for sf-charity in your The Diary Game posts and use the hashtag #sfcharity50 pc in the tag section. Steemcurator01 is trying to control content prepared with #sfcharity50pc tag. If you do not know how to set the benefactor reward for SF-Chariy and you want to have information about what to do with the income generated for the SF-charity account, be sure to check out the post below.

  • Although Vote Support is Never Guaranteed, You Can Increase Your Chances of Winning Vote Support by Following the Instructions Above. I wish everyone success...

Set up Benefactor Reward for SF-Charity Account on Your Posts | #sfcharity50pc | To Reach More Families



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 3 years ago 

Take note from today's @steemitblog post...

Our final advice to all communities is to have a clear focus and do your best to keep the posts in your community aligned with that focus.

The focus of SteemFoods should always be food.

 3 years ago 

Our focus has been on food and cooking since day one. In many Diary Game Posts we see photos of the morning, lunch and dinner prepared by the users, so I think most of the Diary Game Posts will not fall off the topic of the Community's thread.

As an extra, I am planning to launch the Food Diary Game Event, which is the SteemFoods Community version of The Diary Game event. In these posts, users can share their daily activities such as food, cooking, products they buy from the supermarket. This will increase content shaping. Of course, your opinion is more important, if you don't want it to be like this, sharing Diary Game Posts on the SteemFoods Community can be disabled again. But I think Food Diary Game will increase content diversification and activity.

Best Regards...

 3 years ago 

If they are kept food related that will be fine.

It could possibly be expanded by people including the costs of the meals they prepare (in local currency /STEEM/ USD).

And to add more interest, whether the products they use are locally produced, or imported from far away.

 3 years ago 

I shared an announcement on the steemitfoods account about Food Diary Game, which is the Diary Game Version of the SteemFoods Community with all the details. In the best way, I will ensure that active users on steemit participate with the Food Diary Game event. Starting with Season 1, I will also distribute prizes for Season 1 Winners. You can see the details by clicking the link below.

Diary Game Adapted to the SteemFoods Community | Food Diary Game - SteemFoods Version of Diary Game

  • In addition, I will support the users by sharing sample content about the Food Diary Game event from my personal account so that they can better understand the Food Diary Game Event.

Best Regards... @steemcurator01

Buenas noches @alikoc07 estoy tratando de publicar el diario y me arroja esto, que deberia de hacer en ese caso?



 3 years ago 

I Will Adapt The Diary Game Event According To SteemFoods. It will be called Food Diary Game. In these posts, users will be able to share their daily food activities. ( Morning - Lunch - Evening Meals, such as Supermarket - Butcher - Greengrocer Shopping + ( Receipt - Location Information can also be added. )

Food Diary Game  (1).png

  • I will allow users to add information such as the cost of the meals they prepare (price list of the materials they use) to their posts. In addition, I will do research on well-known country brands in their countries. For example, Ülker brand is a well-known company in Turkey. I will share all of your progress on the steemitfoods account. Don't worry, it will all be about Food and Cooking only. We can be much more active when we increase content diversification in this way.

Best Regards... @steemcurator01

 3 years ago 

I like the theme of a food-based newspaper game more, that the user can express how I prepare a breakfast, lunch or dinner so the community does not get out of its focus. congratulations on your new initiative.

from running food content to diary content. let's focus, focus, focus!!!

I thought, content What did you eat today? daily content like this is better because every day we always consume food.

 3 years ago 

this is something to look forward sir. I am excited to post my first diary game here in steemfoods...

 3 years ago 

Thank you for the information sir @alikoc07 and @steemitfoods

Esto es increíble y una nueva forma de participar en la comunidad no solo con recetas estare compartiendo mi diario pronto saludos ❤️🙋

 3 years ago 

Good idea... i like this oportunity in this community.... greetings to everyone...

 3 years ago 

Éxitos para todos !!!

 3 years ago 

Thank you for the updates @steemitfoods. 🥰🥰

 3 years ago 

Excelente noticia amigo desde ya participando se lo merecen

this is a great update, after eating they will make a diary with food, then what if it's a trip to the market, shall we explain that too. this is a thousand sorry

 3 years ago 

Me encanta esa idea del diario está super buena.Felicitaciones, extraordinaria noticia. saludos

 3 years ago 

¡Esto es una gran buena noticia! Que increíble ☺️🙌🥰

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