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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will give you detailed information about the Second Season of The Food Diary Game, the SteemFoods Version of The Diary Game that I launched in September on the SteemFoods Community. Today at 23:59 Turkish Time, we will complete the First Season of the Food Diary Game. With The Food Diary Game Event, you, our valued users, can produce quality content in detail about your food and cooking activities during the day, at no cost. As an extra, the participation and activity in The Food Diary Game Season 1 is very happy, so I decided to continue The Food Diary Game with the Second Season. Our rules will remain the same in Season 1 of The Food Diary Game. I want our users who are not active in Season 1 to be active in Season 2, Every Season , Every Week and Every Contest is a new beginning to earn income and reward in SteemFoods Community. By actively participating in The Food Diary Game in the SteemFoods Community, your chance to get vote support, your chance to be one of the Top 5 SteemFoods Content Creators of the week, and your chance to be selected among the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" will increase. That's why when you don't get the vote support you expect for a post, don't stop producing content and continue producing content. As the SteemFoods Community, I try to support our users who actually prepare content for this place and make an effort. In addition to these, if you are not selected among the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" even though you are actively producing content, you should try to improve your post quality. I see and review every post. Now I will give detailed information about The Food Diary Game Season's Start and End Date, Rules, Awards. As an extra, I will share with you the Winners of Season 1 and the prize distribution as soon as possible.

Food Diary Game  (2).png

What are the Rules of Food Diary Game Season 2?

  • Food Diary Game The articles you will share for the season should only be your daily food and cooking content activities. This is because SteemFoods Community is for the food and cooking community, we don't want to go out of our concept.

  • For your posts in the Food Diary Game Season, you must set a 50% benefactor reward for the sf-charity account. We will use the proceeds from the SF-Charity account to strengthen our Community and for our Charity Events. This is so important for us.

If you don't know how to set 50% benafactor reward on sf-charity account, you can check the post below.

Set up Benefactor Reward for SF-Charity Account on Your Posts | #sfcharity50pc | To Reach More Families

  • Your Post Title: The Food Diary Game Season :2 - Date - #sfcharity50pc + The Text You Want to Add

Example: The Food Diary Game Season: 2- 01-10-2021 | sfcharity50pc | Greengrocer Shopping Day

  • The use of tags in your post should be as follows.

1-) #food-diarygame

2-) # ( tag of your country ) - Example #steemfoods-turkey

3-) #sfcharity50pc

You should use the three tags above.

NOTE: If you write the Food Diary Game Season 1 and Date on a piece of paper next to the dinner plate or any supermarket shopping in your The Food Diary Game posts, your chances of getting vote support will increase. In this way, we can see that the photos shared are up to date. You can do this with every photo.


  • image.png


When Will Season 2 Begin and End?

Food Diary Game Season 2 : October 1, 2021 - started as of today and will end on October 31, 2021. Season 2 will be 4 weeks in total.

By reviewing the posts below, you can have detailed information about how you can prepare quality content and get vote support at The Food Diary Game Event.

Food Diary Game Season 2 Winners Award

  • For 1st Winner: Guarantee 30 Liquid Steem
  • For the 2nd Winner: 25 Liquid Steem
  • For the 3rd Winner: 20 Liquid Steem
  • For the 4th Winner: 15 Liquid Steem

  • For the 5th Winner: 10 Liquid Steem

  • The remaining 50 STEEM - The Food Diary Game Event Will Be Distributed For The Most Successful - The Most Creative And The Most Detailed Content Of All Submissions. For now, I have determined the Prize Pool this way, but it may change according to the number of participants and future developments...

  • Total Steem Rewards: 150


Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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Feliz de participar en esta iniciativa! Temporada 2 allá vamos 🚀

 last year 

That is a great contest sir @alikoc07

 last year 

Es una excelente explicación y orientación para seguir produciendo contenidos. muchos éxitos a todos.

 last year 

Continuare participando!!

 last year 

I'm really glad to see the Second Season is about to begin. Way to go! 🎉❤️🥰

 last year 

Me encanta la iniciativa estaré participando.

Ya quiero participar en la segunda temporada

Such a good news , thinking more ideas so I can join , thank you

 last year 

Thank you for the info sir

 last year 

Good innovatives @steemitfoods and were happy abiding all the rules.

Me encanta!! Estare participando !!
Saludos desde Venezuela

this is very good, the plan is very good, but i just realized this after publishing😊

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Great Idea for having a seadon 2 sir @alikoc07 and hopefully it will continue

This is so great! Let me now post my first entry to this season's diary game.

Thank you so much sir @alikoc07 for your hard work!

Estaré participando.

 last year 

Thumbs up! Ayos!

Excelente idea amigos de #steemfoods, un placer estar participando

Hola buenastardes disculpen la molestia alguien me podria decir como puedo configurar mis post a sfcharity? Gracias de antemano.

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