Delegation Awards Increased by +33.3% ⬆︎ as of December 1, 2021 | 8 STEEM + 8 TRX per month for 1000 SP 📈 🚀

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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will inform you about the increase in my monthly rewards according to the amount of delegation made to @steemitfoods, the official curation account of the SteemFoods Community.

The other day, I shared with you an announcement that I have successfully completed the distribution of steem rewards to the wallets of our users who delegated to @steemitfoods account until 25-11-2021. If you have delegated to steemitfoods account and have not sent your steem reward to your wallet, please contact me via the post below or from our discord-telegram groups.

Delegation Awards Distribution Completed Until 25-11-2021! & SteemFoods PartnerShip Badges 💎

As you know, according to the amount of delegation made to the Steemitfoods account, I distribute a monthly steem + trx reward. The last time I was 8 months ago, I was distributing 6 STEEM + 6 TRX monthly for every 1000 SP delegation, increasing the APY amount of our delegation rewards made to steemitfoods account by 17.6%. Below you can see the table of our delegation awards 8 months ago.

Delegation Rewards Increased by + 17.6% | For 1000 SP : 6 Steem + 6 TRX per month |

With the #club5050 - #club75- #club100 project started by the steemit team, many creators on steemit are increasing the amount of SP in their wallets, which is great.

SteemFoods X #club5050 - #club75 - #club100 All Information Simple Explanation with Tables

So I decided to increase our delegation APY so that our users in the SteemFoods Community can generate more revenue based on the amount of delegations they make monthly. With this increase, especially when you compare our APY rate with the delegation rewards of other Communities on steemit, you will see that the community account with the highest income is @steemitfoods. Now I will give detailed information about our APY increase below.

Delegation Awards Increased by 33.3% as of December 1, 2021 | 8 STEEM + 8 TRX per month for 1000 SP 📈 🚀

Previously, I was distributing 6 STEEM + 6 TRX monthly rewards for every 1000 SP delegation to steemitfoods account.

As of December 1, 2021, I will distribute 8 STEEM + 8 TRX monthly rewards for every 1000 SP delegations made to the steemitfoods account. Now I will share our new delegation table with you below.

Then we will calculate the percentage increase in our APY rate together.

New Delegation Awards Table: STEEM + TRX

SP Delegation AmountWeekly Reward SteemMonthly Steem Award + TRX Award
50 SP0.1 STEEM + 0.1 TRX0.4 STEEM + 0.4 TRX
100 SP0.2 STEEM + 0.2 TRX0.8 STEEM + 0.8 TRX
250 SP0.5 STEEM + 0.5 TRX2 STEEM + 2 TRX
500 SP1 STEEM + 1 TRX4 STEEM + 4 TRX
1000 SP2 STEEM + 2 TRX8 STEEM + 8 TRX
2500 SP5 STEEM + 5 TRX20 STEEM + 20 TRX
5000 SP10 STEEM + 10 TRX40 STEEM + 40 TRX
  • Delegation awards are distributed monthly. Therefore, 1 month after your delegation, I will manually distribute your delegation reward to your wallet. Do not worry.

  • Please wait for your monthly delegation period to expire when increasing your delegations. For example, you delegated on 26-10-2021 and you want to increase your delegation. 27-11-2021 is the best time to increase your delegation. In this way, you will increase your delegation without being affected by your delegation time and reward distribution. I will give you information about it.

  • I will share the most detailed announcement with you soon with the delegation increase and how to delegate. But the following post about it will guide you for now.

How Can I Delegate to the -steemitfoods account? | Delegating with Three Different Methods

Delegation Increase Percentage Calculation

As of December 1, 2021, our delegation reward APY will be: 8 STEEM + 8 TRX for 1000 SP delegation per month.
Our previous delegation reward APY was 6 STEEM + 6 TRX for 1000 SP delegation per month.

Delegation Increase Percentage Calculation: Increased STEEM Amount for 1000 SP - Steem Amount for Previous 1000 Delegation / Steem Amount for Previous 1000 Delegation

  • = 8 - 6 / 6

  • = 0.333

  • = 33.3%

1️⃣ The SteemFoods Community now has the highest delegation APY rate among Communities on Steemit. As an extra, the only Community that distributes TRX alongside steem in delegation awards is the SteemFoods Community.

2️⃣ Users who provide the #club5050- #club75 and #club100 tags initiated by the steemit team can now earn more income by delegating the increased SP in their wallet to their steemitfoods account. Our only goal is to ensure that our users can earn more monthly income and to increase our vote value in our official curation account with these delegations and to give more vote support to your posts.

To Join SteemFoods #club5050 Telegram Group:

By joining the SteemFoodsXClub5050 Telegram Group, you can ask your questions. I will help you as fast as possible...



Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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 2 years ago 

Great decision, this shows the growth of community-level and encourages delegators. I am going to delegate more SP this month.

 2 years ago 

Wow amazing ,now we getting 33% APY. Its realy juicy easy earnings in our holdings. Soon I increse my Delegation amount.

Excelente el incremento mas del 33%.

Waooo this is good

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