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Hello, everyone:

Today, I will share with you the Application announcement of the #SteemFoods Community in detail for the Steemit Engagament Challenge, the new project launched by the Steemit Team, which Season 2 is about to start.

When you review the announcement shared by @Steemitblog below, you can have detailed information about the Steemit Engagement Challenge in its Second Season.

Before answering the questions in this announcement shared by @Steemitblog in detail, I would like to thank the Steemit Team for this event and wish success to the communities that applied.

First of all, I can say that I understand all the updates for Season 2 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge. Steemit is a social media tool built on Blockchain. The biggest advantage of Steemit compared to other social media is its allowing people from all over the world to generate income by producing quality blog posts. Although this is great, many users on Steemit focus on earning income while disregarding interaction among users, which is less likely to happen in other existing social media.

As I have said it on our first application, active users on Steemit need to put their desire to "monetize" their content via voting support a little further back, so this project is invaluable to increase user interaction with each other. Of course, we can use the vote support on Steemit to increase the interaction between users positively.

As the founder of the SteemFoods Community, I've decided to make multiple improvements to this project to best integrate it into our community, and I've already shared some of them on @Steemitfoods. We learned a lot on the go with Season 1 and proved to be worth the chance of participating again in the Engagement Challenge.

I would like to share all the information about why the SteemFoods Community should be chosen again to take part of this great project, how we can integrate this project into the community, and how we can contribute to Steemit by answering the questions in the announcement shared by @Steemitblog.

Questions and Detailed Answers

➡️1️⃣ What is the Purpose of SteemFoods Community?

SteemFoods Community is the first food and cooking community built on the Steem Blockchain. The main purpose of our community is to help users who are interested in food and cooking on the Steem Blockchain to produce quality content and to encourage them by giving enough votes with the @Steemitfoods account for the quality content they share. It is to help not only users on the current Steem Blockchain, but also users who are already new to Steemit, to learn about all Steemit related developments in this Community. In addition, we have always integrated the projects started by the Steemit Team into our community in the best way so far.

In particular, I’ve contributed by sharing all the information in the project called #club5050 - #club75- #club100 initiated by the Steemit Team, in detail, with our official curation account @Steemitfoods. By clicking the link below, you can learn all the information about the project tagged club5050-75-100 in one post.

⭐️ [ 1️⃣] Single Post: Club5050-Club75-Club100 Fully Information Package Most Updated Version 💯

Another goal of ours is to add users who are globally interested in food and cooking to Steemit with the SteemFoods Community. We previously collaborated with a user who produced food and cooking videos on Youtube for the promotion of the SteemFoods Community and Steemit. In addition, SteemFoods Community official website is already active. You can view it by clicking the link below.

➡️2️⃣ Brief Information About The History of the SteemFoods Community:

SteemFoods Community was established on September 20, 2020 by @alikoc07 with the support and suggestion of the Steemit Team. SteemFoods Community has successfully and actively completed 20 months on the Steem Blockchain for the time being:

On September 20, 2022, we celebrated our community's 1st Anniversary with the following announcement.

Thank you very much for the support given by the Steemit Team in the establishment of the SteemFoods Community and all nthe way through since its beginnings. Thank you to our users who has supported us on this path. Our users and moderators contributed a lot to our success in these 20 months. 🙂

3️⃣ Admin and Moderator Information of SteemFoods Community:

Steemit UsernameClub Tag StatusRole in the CommunityAmount of SP in His/Her Wallet
@alikoc07#club100Community Admin /Founder37,209.96 SP
@marlyncabrera#club100SteemFoods Social Media Moderator / Discord & Telegram6784.75 SP
@suboohi#club100SteemFoods Pakistan Country Moderator20,074.19 SP
@juichi#club100SteemFoods Philippines -Japan Country Moderator14,721.41 SP
@jyoti-thelight#club75SteemFoods India Country Moderator12,541.63 SP
@ngoenyi#club75SteemFoods Africa Region Moderator43,697.58 SP
@astilem#club5050SteemFoods Latin America Region Moderator9,809.05 SP

4️⃣ Official Curation Account of SteemFoods Community All Related Information:

The official curation account of the SteemFoods Community is @Steemitfoods.

Quality content in the SteemFoods Community and at least users who provide the #club5050 hashtag have the chance to receive vote support with the @Steemitfoods account.

We currently have 356,045.47 SP SP on @Steemitfoods and our goal is to reach 400K SP by the end of June. After this, one of our main goals is to reach a curation account with 500K SP by the end of the year.


➡️ 2022 Q2 RoadMap of the SteemFoods Community: To Reach 400K SP and Further Development... 🆕

About two months ago, I shared a detailed announcement on @Steemitfoods account when we had successfully reached 360K SP, you can check it out.

➡️ We Reached 360K 🎉 SP | 90% of 400K SP Target 🎯 Successfully Completed! ✅ | We Only Need 40K SP... 🙂

  • Current SP Amount of @Steemitfoods account: 130,889.05 SP
  • Delegation SP Amount made by users to @Steemitfoods account: 225,156.52 SP

The @Steemitfoods account helps users to actively produce content and increase SP in their wallets, with +200 votes for quality content in the SteemFoods Community on a weekly basis.

Below you can find information about our weekly voting CSI.


The manager of the community curation account is @alikoc07, and all the announcements are written by @alikoc07. Community keys are held by @alikoc07. All improvements to the @Steemitfoods account are mine from the date I created the account.

I created the @Steemitfoods account at the request of the Steemit Team to share our announcements in the SteemFoods Community from one place and to accept delegations made by our users.

5️⃣ Information on SteemFoods Community's Policy for Checking and Commenting on Posts:

While voting for the content in the SteemFoods Community, it must be of high quality and the user must at least provide the rules of the #club5050 tag. In addition, the use of copyrighted photographs and the sharing of plagiarized posts are prohibited in the SteemFoods Community.

Users who use copyrighted photos multiple times and plagiarize will be muted in the SteemFoods Community.

As part of the improvements introduced in SteemFoods thanks to our participation in Season 1 of the Engagement Challenge and the suggestions made directly by SC02, our moderators have started to use a Check table to accompany their personalized comments on every post published within the SteemFoods Community:


A large part of our content in the SteemFoods Community and our users produce content that is of high quality and close to the desired level. So we don't have a problem with that. Most of our users who produce content in the SteemFoods Community are actively producing content, and they are users I have known for a long time; however, As SteemFoods Administrator, I use the “post control” table at my discretion, which you can check out below.

➡️ SteemFoods Launches Plagiarism + Use of Copyrighted Photo + Club Tag Checks!| Comment Support with Table 🆕 ✔️ ❌

post-control-system .png

Currently, we can communicate with our users in the SteemFoods Community not only in the comments section, but also via Discord & Telegram, where we can communicate with them faster. Therefore, when our users have any mistakes, we have the chance to talk about the mistake they made from these social media tools and correct them.

We can say that almost all of our users who produce content in our community do not use bot accounts and are users who produce active content on Steemit, so I can say that we do not have a problem with this situation. Users using bot accounts cannot receive votes from their @Steemitfoods account and cannot be selected among the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" even if their content is successful. This is why they won’t get any vote support from the @booming accounts either.

I check both the wallets of all our users and the quality of the content they share during the day. Our moderators have to do it now as well, so they can give their comments and vote aacording to their criteria.

6️⃣ How Do We Contribute To Our Users In The SteemFoods Community To Improve Their Posts?

I can say that one of the fastest and most accurate ways of how our users in the SteemFoods Community can produce content and improve their content is through the announcements I made with our official community account @Steemitfoods.

Given the fact that SteemFoods Community is a food and cooking community, in order for our users to produce some their quality content, e.g. recipes, they may need certain kitchen utensils and foods which, as we know, cost them money.

Even though we have 356K+ SP with our @Steemitfoods account, it is difficult for us to cover the cost of the content produced during the day. That's why I started the event The Food Diary Game, which I started 9 months ago and is currently in its 9th Season. The Food Diary Game is the second most popular event after The Diary Game on Steemit.

Our users can produce content with zero cost at The Food Diary Game event. We all have certain food and cooking activities during a regular day, and every user is welcome to share these activities in The Food Diary Game Event. Then we’re talking about zero cost.

I have shared many announcements to show how our users can produce content at The Food Diary Game event. You can review our announcements about this below.

➡️ ➡️ The Food Diary Game Season : |8️⃣| Begins | Rules | Rewards : 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ STEEM | club5050-75-100 🆕 🌟⬅️

➡️ To Gain Vote Support: How to Prepare a Quality The Food Diary Game Post? Detailed Step-by-Step Explanation

➡️ Important Information to Get Vote Support: Sample Quality Food Diary Game Posts ❗

➡️ How Can I Produce Quality + Steem-Exclusive Content in the SteemFoods Community?

➡️ STEEMFOODS COMMUNITY - A GUIDE FOR NEWCOMERS / How Can I Create Quality Content? and Voting Support

As an extra, I shared a detailed announcement on how our users can share their recipe posts in the SteemFoods Community with high quality, on the @Steemitfoods account.

➡️ How to Prepare a Quality Recipe Post in the SteemFoods Community? 💯 | Content Creation Lessons: 1️⃣

So far, I have organized 30+ competitions in the SteemFoods Community so that our users can produce quality content with different food and cooking concepts.

I will continue to share information on how they can produce quality content with different food and cooking concepts in a short time.

If the SteemFoods Community is given a chance in the Second Season of this project, our project called SteemFoods Content Creation Lessons, which I started last year, will be improved too so as to fit new expectations. Here, I show how users on the Steem Blockchain can produce quality food and cooking content; details are in the announcement below.

➡️ SteemFoods Content Creation Lessons Begins | First Homework | Verify Your Account

7️⃣ Why SteemFoods Community Should Be Selected For Steemit Engagement Challenge Project?

First of all, as @alikoc07 the founder of SteemFoods Community, I have been on Steemit since May 2018 and have been working to develop the SteemFoods Community from September 2020. I am one of the community developers on Steemit who is open to new developments and integrates these developments into the community in the best way. I am happy to complete my 4th year here in May.

I think I was successful in integrating the project with the club label with the SteemFoods Community, and I completed the Best Community of the Year Category with the 1st place in 2020 and the Best Community of the Year category with the second place in 2021. Happy to share that I have had many successes here. Thanks Everyone... 🙂

I reviewed the Steemit Engagement Challenge application announcement by @Steemitblog in detail and understood very well what the Steemit Team expects and wants to improve with this project.

I would like you to review the announcements we shared this week below to ensure integration with the Steemit Engagement Challenge project of the SteemFoods Community.

➡️ Developments to Begin in the SteemFoods Community: Control System - SteemFoodsTagram - Engagement League....

➡️ What is SteemFoods Engagement League ? ⭐️ Awards and Details All Information... ℹ🆕 ✅ [Version:1️⃣]

➡️ @Steemitfoods Curation Account Will Start Voting Support for Quality Comments! 🆕👍🔝 #sf-engagementleague

In order to increase the interaction between our users in the SteemFoods Community, I decided to start the SteemFoods Engagement League Event as a start. It is an event that I will organize regularly on a weekly basis and I will enable users to produce more content + interact by sharing quality comments on each other's posts.

By starting to curate quality reviews with @Steemitfoods, I will encourage our users to comment. I shared our announcement about these above.

In addition, I would like you to check our event called SteemFoodsTagram, which consists of quality photos and which I plan to actively organize. In this way, we can see reviews consisting of simple and quality food photos.

Some Developments I Haven't Announced Yet, But Planned For Steemit Engagament Event Integration:

⭐️ ''The Most Engaged Quality Posts of the Day''

⭐️''Most Active SteemFoods Content Creator of the Week'' (I promoted this event before, I gave an extra award.)

Top 5 SteemFoods Content Creators of the Week & 50 Liquid Steem Prize Distribution and Results

⭐️How to Share Quality Comments & What Should We Pay Attention To While Commenting? & Sample Quality Reviews

⭐️ Continuation of Weekly Contests with New Food & Cooking Concepts

⭐️ SteemFoods Engagement League Scoreboard Weekly and Reports

I answered the 7 questions in the Application Notice in the best and honest way. I wish success to all communities... 🙂

Best Regards...

Social Media Contact Info

Discord Information of @alikoc07 and @marlyncabrera:

  • alikoc07#5714

  • marlyncabrera#0570


 2 years ago 

Son un excelente equipo: @alikoc07, @marlyncabrera, @suboohi, @juichi, @jyoti-thelight, @ngoenyi y @astilem.

Felicidades y le deseo lo mejor. 💖💖🤗🥰

 2 years ago 

Muchas gracias, @alicargofer ❤️💯 Veremos qué pasa. Ojalá SteemFoods quede en el podio una vez más.

Hola amiga, muchas gracias.

Estamos para servirles.

 2 years ago 

Thank you for the wishes

 2 years ago 

Excelente comunidad, buen trabajo, merecedora nuevamente para el segundo engagement Challenge.

Excelente!!!! Es una de las mejores comunidades en Steemit y merecen la oportunidad nuevamente, sus concursos fueron muy divertidos y exl apoyo increíble.
Les deseo muchísima suerte 💫💫💫💖👏👏👏👏

 2 years ago 

Gran trabajo el que realizan. Seguro que si serán seleccionados !!!

 2 years ago 

Que bien ojalá quedé seleccionada mi comunidad favorita y la de muchos, aquí logramos compartir y hacer amigos. Éxitos y bendiciones.

Mucho éxito con esta nueva solicitud! Seguramente lo harán increíble como de costumbre! 😊✨
Saludos 💖

 2 years ago 

Éxito a esta comunidad, muy bien conformada con una organización excelente, donde su líder @alikoc07 hace un trabajo increible.

Espero sean elegidos nuevamente. Saludos

Saludos a todos, estamos nuevamente interesados en participar y ser parte de esta gran experiencia.

 2 years ago 

Hope we get it this time too, All the best!

 2 years ago 

Todos ustedes son un excelente equipo los felicito por el buen trabajo que han echo, espero vuelvan a quedar en este 2do Challenger anunciado por #Steemitblog

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