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Hello friends greeting, to you all, how are you people doing, i hope you all are doing very well, i am so glad to be here today to, discuss how to prepare my most practical recipe, my most practical recipe prepared by myself is a traditional meal called Edikang ikong soup and Garri eba, which is well explain and elaborated in a very simplify way, cheers as you read on


Today I have prepared another of my traditional recipe for the sake of this great contest. This is to tell you that I love cooking, i prefer cooking my own meal rather than going to the restaurant to eat, do you know why, because, am a very good cook, right from when i was a child.

In this article of mine, I will be showing you my traditional food and how you can prepare it, it is very simple and easy to prepare so you don't need to worry.
This my traditional recipe that i am about to show you is called Edikang Ikong Soup. It is a vegetable soup that is populary known among the people of Efik in Akwa Ibom and Cross River State located in the southern part of Nigeria, it is also a very popular traditional soup, among the Igbos, the tribe that occupy the Eastern part of Nigeria.
Edikang Ikong is the only soup that is considered to be a delicacy among these tribes the Igbos, cross riverance and Akwa ibomite and it's the reason why the soup is sometime served whenever there is an important traditional occasions in these various tribes occasion such as traditional marriage, New yam festival, burials ceremony, even thanks giving ceremony.

Now, let me start by showing you how to make Edikang Ikong Soup.

Edikang Ikong Soup Recipe:


Here I will be showing you the quantities of recipes that you can cook Edikang Ikong Soup with either as a bachelor or a single lady. But in a case where you're to cook your Edikang Ikong Soup for family consumption, or big occasion you can increase the quantity of recipes, so that it can be enough for your family or guess.

now let's take a look at the most needed recipe (, ingredients requirements (


  • 200g Water leaves
  • 2kg Ugwu leaves (Pumpkin leaves Spinach/fluted)
  • 500g of assorted meat (chicken, cow shaki (tripe),kanda(cow' skin), snails) anyone that you can afford can served.
  • Smoke fish
  • Stock fish (optional)
  • 140ml palm oil
  • Onions
  • Ugwu
  • Periwinkles (optional)
  • Crayfish
  • Fresh pepper
  • Maggi to taste
  • Salt to taste
water leaf200gIMG20220428155057.jpg
ugwu leaf1kgIMG20220428155044.jpg
fish2 full fresh fish
cow skin100g
palm oil120ml
onions1 big onion
fresh pepper6 seed
salt and maggito taste 5cubeIMG20220428155133.jpg

Procedures for cooking Edikang Ikong Soup are as follows below:

The first step is to prepare the vegetable (Ugwu and water leaves), by washing and cutting them small (i.e slices it tiny according to how you prefer it) and keep it aside.


The second steps is to wash and cut my fish and cow skin. that am to used and keep them aside.


After, following the procedures above, the steps below is what I took to cooked my Edikang Ikong Soup.


  • I place fish and cow skin in the pot, and added a little water, slice onion, salt and Maggi and cooked properly.


I then added palm oil in to the cooking soup
I then added salt in to the cooking soup to make it taste delicious


  • I also added my grounded pepper and my slice onion as the soup get boiled


I now add my slice vegetable leave (ugwu) and water leaf in to the soup, i added it last so that it will not be over cooked, so as to retain it taste


  • After allowing the affomentioned ingredients to boil for some minutes, I stir the soup thoroughly and allow it to stim for 6minutes and after that my traditional Edikang Ikong Soup
  • became ready.


My traditional edikang ikong soup is now ready, so what next do i need to do now


I then make garri eba so that i can eat it with my edikang ikong soup, this is how i make my garri eba.
I simply put water in to the pot place it on my cooking gas i then allow the water to boiled for some minute, when the water start evaporating it's mean it's boiling.


I now brought the boiled water down pour it inside a bowl, which contains by garri eba and mixed it very well.


Finally, my delicious meal is ready to be eaten, you can see from the above image how nice my edikang ikong soup and garri eba look, it's taste very delicious, i ate an enjoy my traditional meal a lot.

Note: Aside eating Edikang Ikong Soup with Garri Eba, it can also be served with Starch(Usi), Fufu, Amala or Semolina as well.

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Best regards



Conclusion: i am so pleased for reviewing how to cook my traditional recipe, i hope you learn from it, also i thank @steemitfood for organizing this contest, thank you all for viewing my post, i sincerely appreciate.

 2 years ago 

Que bueno es poder ver recetas totalmente nuevas y que son el manjar de tu tribu, muy buena publicación!! Y se ve deliciosa esa sopa ... Te deseo muchos éxitos!!!

Thank you so much, it's special meal prepare doing occasion

See delicious food na that is well Prepared by a man. Honestly, I never knew that men prepared soup like this.

I most say that your food look so delicious and it's tempting me to have a taste in it.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing recipes.

Thank you so much my friend

 2 years ago 

Hello friend, honestly you have taking your time in preparing this delicious recipes and am sure it will taste yumiyumi.

Edikang Ikong ispart of my favorite recipes.

Thanks for sharing this post.

yes my good friend, the meal taste so delicious, you can try preparing it, it's very simple

my friend you did a great job, i like your traditional meal

Thank you my friend

You tried i can see your hand work

Thank you my friend

Vegetables one of my best 😁😁I never cross it and not respond

Thank you so much my good friend

Always welcome

You hooked me from the title of your dish,
It was all so captivating ..

Then also the process of preparing this dish had been made Soo easy by you that I I think I would be able to receprocate this during my free time

Yes bro the dish is very easy to prepare, you can start preparing it, thanks

Ah my guy, you are killing me with this Edikang Ikong Soup and eba 😑. Thit is real African dish, that I can't wait to taste. 😋
With your recipe, I am going to enjoy Edikang Ikong Soup, and eba in Ghana by making the meals by myself.


Edikang ikong soup is very delicious Africa dish it's goes very well with garri eba, you can start preparing it, thanks

I am amazed this superb nice entry bro this post deserves something huge

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