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Hello SteemFoods friends...

May God always be with us. It's great today that I can share a post on my community page. I am a food connoisseur. Maybe it happened after I decided to stop my diet program. 😂😂😂

In the past, I often review food through A project for foodies who stand on top of the steem blockchain chain. at that time was very popular and much in demand by Steemit users, including me.

Now, I was lucky to find SteemFoods. This will be a page for me to share food content and nostalgia with food reviews I've done. I am very grateful to all stakeholders in the SteemFoods community.


I was going to review my activities, so I went out with my partner for dinner. I am interested to try dinner with seafoods menu. Finally I visited one of the places I often go.

At the eastern end of the coastal city of Lhokseumawe there is a fast food restaurant. This restaurant provides various types of seafoods. The name of this restaurant is called "SeaFood Culinary Trawl Net - Ready-to-Serve Fish Market".


This restaurant is located on Jalan Gudang, Lhokseumawe City, right on the road to JAGU beach. So, the location is close to the beach. Enjoy seafood dishes with a breeze at night.

This restaurant looks very spacious, can accommodate a capacity of more than 100 visitors. Has 2 seating areas with friendly and economical service. The kitchen is right in the middle, customers can see firsthand the cooking process.





They also have an adequate parking lot with a capacity of 30 motorbikes. As for the car, you can park it on the road in front of the resort entrance. Parking services rely on guard services from parking attendants at a cost of 2000 Rupiah / vehicle.

They serve prepared and processed food in just a few minutes. There are various menus provided, but the most favorite here are fish, squid, crab, clams and shrimp. All of the above types can be processed for various choices of processed dishes.


You can enjoy it in boiled, grilled, flour-fried, tamarind keueng, stir-fried aceh, sweet and sour versions, Padang sauce, sweet spicy sauce, black pepper sauce or pepes. The entire menu of dishes can be selected directly with a good level of quality and hygiene. The price of processed seafoods at this restaurant is measured by the number of scales, the price is around 2000 - 8000 Rupiah / ounce for all types of cuisine.

You can also enjoy soft drinks and fresh juice which makes the meal more complete and refreshing. Here, you can find a variety of bottled drinks, shaved cucumber, sweet salad, mineral drinks, orange coconut ice, and various juices. For vegetable fans, you can enjoy capcai, cah kale, or cah bean sprouts.


Meanwhile, for those of you who are coffee lovers, you can order sanger coffee at the front outlet. The coffee shop that stands in the location right in the west corner of the kitchen provides good coffee. Using original Sanger coffee from the Gayo Mountains, Central Aceh.

This restaurant also offers special promo packages with economical price offers and friendly waiters. There are 48 choices of packages, namely packages for 4 people or packages for 8 people. This package consists of 1 package with a complete variant of seafood, rice, vegetables and drinks.


Apart from that you can also enjoy different packages, according to your wishes. For example, a solo package for one type of seafood or a couple package for certain types of seafood. This package is different from the 48 package, because it only serves one type of seafood, made to order.

Meanwhile, package 48 presents a variety of mixed seafoods which are processed in one large portion. Each package certainly provides its own taste and sensation. The best choice is depending on your appetite.



Tonight I ordered two servings with a solo menu option. Arriving at the restaurant, the waiter immediately greeted us. Friendly service is more value than a comfort.

Not only enjoy the delicacy, but you find hospitality in this restaurant. With all supporting facilities, such as toilets, hand washing facilities. I found a different side of value in this place.


As soon as I arrived here, I immediately smelled the smell which gave off a delicious and delicious impression. The smell from the kitchen is very distinctive with the processed dishes. I ordered two servings of food.

Two servings with a solo menu, one for me and one for my partner. We ordered two different types of seafood, namely squid and shrimp. I like squid with processed Padang sauce and shrimp with processed black pepper sauce.


I also like vegetables with typical white pepper preparations with a mixture of corn, bean sprouts, cabbage, scallions, broccoli and spices. Fresh drinks, of course, become a complement that makes food more delicious. The cooking process took a few minutes, and our food was served.

Black pepper sauce shrimp looks tempting, with black color with a thick sauce. Black pepper sauce prawns give a spicy, pungent taste sensation, a thick mixture of spices. Coupled with the sweet taste of fresh shrimp.


Fresh shrimp mixed with thick black pepper gives it a distinctive color. The dish looked a little oily with a mixture of sauteed shallots, garlic, red chilies and spring onions. The thick mixture of spices gives a distinctive aroma and taste sensation.

Meanwhile, the processed dishes of squid in Padang sauce are no less delicious. Its red-brown appearance looks so tempting. The Padang sauce sprinkled with fresh squid looks so thick.


The distinctive mixture of Padang sauce with processed spices gives the sensation of a quite delicious cuisine. The sensation is a little spicy mixed with sweet and savory flavors. There is also a mixture of scallions, celery, red chilies and shallots.

This is the best place to experience the delicacy of seafood dishes. I recommend you to visit this place. With friendly and economical service, of course, it is the best choice that provides a sense of comfort and delicacy.

Thanks for visiting and reading my post!

Thanks to : @steemcurator01, @steemitfoods, @stephenkendal, @pennsif, @kevinwong, @steemchiller, @xeldal

Best Regard,
Jakarta, 18 November 2021


Hola amigo @ponpasa, que lindo lugar es ese, de verdad quedé impresionada con ese restauran, lo amplio y la vista que tiene, sobre todo esos platos suculentos, ! Hummm...! Me quedaré con solo con la impresión del lugar porque estoy lejos, pero no me quejo de mi país, bueno felicidades amigo

 3 years ago 

Todo se ve delicioso sobre todo los camarones frescos mezclados con pimienta negra pero ni hablar de los calamares en salsa Padang solo de ver las imágenes se me hizo agua la boca.

 3 years ago 

Wow delicious foods 😍😍

 3 years ago 


Thank you buk.

 3 years ago 

Anytime 🤗

 3 years ago 

Se ve que ese restaurante tiene una muy buena y deliciosa variedad de platos que se ven realmente exquisitos.

 3 years ago 

Hi : @ponpase

Thank you very much for sharing your Food Diary Game Post you prepared in detail in the SteemFoods Community. The Food Diary Game Quality of your post & You have successfully used the hashtag #club5050. Wonderful ! :) Keep producing content for Food Diary Game Season 3. :) I added this post to my list of "The Best #club5050 SteemFoods Posts of the Day" on 17-11-2021.

#club5050 😀

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Thank you very much for support.

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How to become member on Steem Foods ?

Delicious food.. let's enjoy together for a moment..

 3 years ago 

Enjoyed !

Come on bro !

 3 years ago 

Thanks for joining #club5050

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