Steemfoods Contest -36- | Check Your Wallet Activity For The Last 30 Days | For #club5050 | +100 Liquid Steem

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Hi, everyone.

My inspiration to participate this contest of checking the 30 days #steem wallet activity in my #steem wallet. In which initiated and facilitated this ideal contest by @steemitfoods and sir @alikoc07 in #steemfoods community. Which is to calculate my 30 days #steem activity by increasing the steem power on my #steem wallet. And inorder also to support the #club5050 program of the #steemit team as expressing my support and gratitude.

Showing my little knowledge on how to check the #steem activity for the last 30 days. And how to be a hashtag #club5050 member.

In which, kindly tap the link below. Inorder to check your #steem and SBD activities within a 30 days of period. By having a comparison and balancing your #steem power-up to your #steem cash-out for the last 30 days. Which much better your #steem power-up is greater than your #steem cash-out.


Ex. (My #steem power-up for the last 30 days)

1.) Just simply tap this link.

2.) Then tap the "normal transfer" in a box.


3.) And tap the "transfer to vesting".


4.) Type your username in "from" (ex. natz04).


5.) Type in the "date range" (ex. 10-11-2021 to 11-11-2021).


6.) Then tap "search".


7.) And then you will see your total #steem power-up below the records.



Ex. (My #steem cash-out for the last 30 days)

1.) No need to tap the "normal transfer". Just type directly your username "from" (ex. natz04) in a box.


2.) Type in the "date range" (ex. from 10-11-2021 to 11-11-2021).


3.) Then tap the "search".


4.) And you will see your total #steem and SBD cash-out below the records.



My #steem power-up is greater than my #steem and SBD cash-out.




My power-up wallet activity within 30 days is 298.280 steem.

And my cash-out wallet activity within 30 days is 217.729 steem and 0.021 SBD.

Happy abiding the rules and taking part and supporting the #club5050 program of the #steemit team.

And thanks for the efforts and informative post of @steemitfoods and sir @alikoc07 that all must be aware. Greatly appreciated your kindness to us here in #steemfoods community.

And 20% rewards to @sf-charity.

Thank you.



 2 months ago 

Shared on my twitter.


Hello @natz04 thank you for participating the steemfoods 36th contest.

Good job👍👍

 2 months ago 

Salamat bai🙏🙏

 2 months ago 

Hello : @natz04 😊

Your participation in the competition I organized with the hashtag #steemfoodsclub5050lesson has been successfully approved. You have successfully viewed the last 30 days of activity in your wallet, great! The amount of SP Power Up you have done in your wallet activity for the last 30 days is more than the amount of steem+sbd you transferred. That's why you can use the hashtag #club5050 in your posts.

You can use the #club5050 tag in your ''The Food Diary Game Season :3'' Posts that I organized in the SteemFoods Community and you have the chance to get vote support from steemitfoods, steemcurator01, steemcurator02. I look forward to your participation in this event every day. :) You can have all the information about The Food Diary Game Event by clicking the link below...

#club5050 😊

 2 months ago 

Thank you sir 🙏. This is an inspiration!

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