FRIED CABBAGE / tortang Cabbage partnered with JIN RAMEN SPICY with a twist!!

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Hello steemians and to everyone in this platform.Hope everyone is safe and sound. Its been a whole week, I was not able to post a content due to circumstances in life.. But her i am now.
Yesterday was my day off. And its my sister's day off as well.My sister is the one who always cooked for our meal everyday, but since it's my day off, let's give her a break. And our day start's early in the morning which is the breakfast.

Our menu for today is fried cabbage with sardines and egg partnered wirh Jin ramen,one of the variety of Korean noodles for our soup.


Fried cabbage with Sardines and Egg.
To be honest this is our first time to cook this dish.Actually not sure with the results.But will see.
I bought from my colleague @ariel1994 a 2 pc of cabbage. Fresh from their farm in Dalaguete Cebu. Support the locals thats how we grow the business !!!its thier family business though.


Here are the ingredients :

Seasonings are:
magic sarap

and for the sauce
Papa banana catsup
UFC sweet and Chili


Let's start preparing our food. First wash the cabbage and chop.


Our MEGA sardines,my favorite among sardines, its is rich in omega 3,sardines in tomato sauce chili adobo and its affordable and its the
"pangmalakasang ulam nag nakararami sa pilipinas"


Here are the procedures:
In a bowl , place/put the Mega sardines,
4 eggs, 2 tbsp. Cornstarch, and the our seasoning to taste salt and magic sarap. You can use ajinomoto/vitsen ..its up to you. It's Optional
My mother sometimes refer to use the vitsen than magic sarap.but me i refer magic sarap. It's easy and more flavorful.

And after seasoning mixed everything and makes sure the cornstarch dissolve or properly miexd together


Put the chopped cabbage into our mixture.and mixed it.


Tsadaaaah!!!. This is how it looks like aftet mixing .. And we're ready for frying...


Heat the pan ,put the oil. When the oil is hot, Get 1 spoonfull and fried it ,when it's golden brown both sides take it and place in a paper to get the excess oil.


And here is our final results. Our very own fried cabbage with sardines and egg or known tortang cabbage in our language. Serve with Papa Banana catsup or UFC sweet and chili. Your choice

Our tortang cabbage is best partnered with a soup me. So for our soup we have a JIn ramen one variety of the korean noodle soup. We give it a twist. To make it more healthy i added cabbage and egg in it.

Our ingredients :

A taste of korean style noodle soup spicy!!


In a pot put 2 cups of water bring to boil. Put the noodles and the seasonings,wait for 3-5 mins. Until the noodles is cooked. Put the cabbage followed the Egg. Instant 😂 😂 😂


Hot And serve!!!

That's all for now!!to thoose who doesn't know about this tortang cabbage here is It. Try it to believe it. Believe me the kids like the dish that i made for them. They ask me to cook for more.. 😂 😂 next time!!I'll buy more cabbage. Momies out there try this.. Healthy and yummy dish.Hope i've given you a new idea how to cooked when you have lots of cabbage on your fridge.


And by the way this is @ariel1994 together with her lovely and supportive wifey.In thier farm in Dalaguete cebu, Harvesting thier Cabbage!! As what he said to me ,farmers like them are also affected by this covid. Because of covid many of them are lugi/ loss in a business transaction.most of them sell thier product in a very cheapest price.They are force to sell it in a cheaper price just to get back the investment.
They are selling it 10 pesos per kilo.
It's still covid realated issue though.

That would be all for now !! Happy lang!! 😁😁😊😊😆

Your's truly :



thanks for sharing your special cabbage menu you got a unique recepi for that.
@momshie16 I still have a lot of supply of cabbage to order from me.

 3 years ago 

Thanks @ariel1994 you should try it!!! Make sure you will set aside some of cabbage for uulitin!!!!!

Yupp"sure ...! But don't forget to share with me for me to taste because it looks so yummy.

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