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Home baking chapati, here in Uganda we love chapatis more especially when being prepared on food.
First of all get ingredients to use in baking for-example salt, baking flour,carrots, onions and cooking oil etc
Step one,start to grate carrots, onions and measure two table spoons of salt and two cups of water then mix well until salt is enough.
Step two, get your baking flour and pour it in the bowl then start kneading a dough make sure that the dough is not too thick nor too thin until it gets ready.
Step three, again knead it until it becomes soft to make into chapati, then get some apolythenbag to cover it like 5minutes after kneading.
Step four, get what you have made slice it and make small balls and start getting one by one ball for rolling, then get your frying pan , gas or charcoal stove and start frying your chapati using cooking oil until it is ready to eat.Ready to be served to family and targeted customers.
This is my side work besides school and I have passion for it. I love baking and am desiring to have better skills in it. This making of chapati was being taught by my mother and I appreciate her for teaching me. Thanks a lot

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