My Support for the Steemitfoods Community • Printing a steemitfoods logo T-shirt

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Hello food lovers ... May you always be given health and the opportunity to taste various types of delicious food. In the form of my support for the Steemitfoods community, I really want to make my wish come true by printing a T-shirt with the steemitfoods logo.

I bought a plain white shirt and took it to a screen printing company in the city of Sigli. The price for printing one shirt is not too expensive, only $ 2 USD. However, it takes a little longer.

This is the result, a beautiful t-shirt


I Invite You to Delegate Steem Power

And then as a form of my support for the Steemitfoods community, I invite you to delegate Steem Power to the Steemitfoods community to build mutual progress.


In the early stages, I was only able to delegate 500 Steem Power for the betterment of the community. I hope that in the future I will delegate more of my Steem Power to this community.


Hopefully in the future SteemitFoods will be more advanced and developed. My special thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for supporting the steemians. And I also say a big thanks to @alikoc07 as the founder of @steemitfoods, to steemians who support me wherever they are.

 last month 

Hiii @lidiasteem, terimakasihhhhh bangettt udah cetak bajunya...kami bangga jadi bagian steemfood community yeayy.

Sukses ya


Yuhuuu.... Iya bg,,, semangat terus....

 last month 

Hello :

I am very happy that you have printed t-shirts for SteemFoods Community. It's a great design and looks great on you. By giving this post a good vote support with -steemcurator01, we tried to give you the t-shirt you printed, I hope you are happy. :)

I love to thank you, I'm happy to be able to print a community shirt. I am proud to wear it

Que buena iniciativa. @steemifoods apoyándonos a todos los participantes. Que continúen los éxitos.

Thank you.... 😍

Amazing creativity

Hi @lidiasteem, that is so creative and I like it, awesome blog, wishing you a pleasant day and take care, cheers, ainie

@ainie.kashif... Hallo sister !! Thank you for visiting my blog, and I'm glad you liked it. Greetings from me @lidiasteem from Aceh, Indonesia. .

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