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Buenas Noches food lovers all over the world.


Today, let me introduce you one of the most popular fastfood here in Philippines- the Mc Donalds.

But before that, I am going to tell you why we went to McDo.


Last week, my hubby @jmaxswivel and I decided to let our daughter go out and enjoy. So, we decided to go to one of the Historical Places here in our place the Mactan Shrine where Lapu-Lapu fought Magellan. On my next blog, I will be sharing you more about this.



When we were already on the entrance, my daughter let go on my hands and ran very fast as she could. I really can see how excited and how she was amazed of the place.

We stayed there for almost an hour. Then, we decided to go home. But since we were already hungry, we just dropped by McDonalds nearby.

Due to pandemic, this is the only fastfood that would let a kid below 15 years old get inside and eat and they just gave 15 minutes to do it.

All About Mc Donalds


According to wikipedia, McDonalds is and American fastfood company founded in 1940. It is operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald in United States. It is the world's largest restaurant chain. And it is best known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers and french fries.

If you are going to visit other countries, they just offered snacks like burgers, fries, teas, etc but here in Philippines McDonalds also offers rice meals. Yes, McDonalds in our place offers rice because we Filipinos are known to be rice lovers. We really had a happy tummy if we will eat chicken with rice plus the burger.

Mc Donalds Set Up

Upon entering the fast food, the guard will welcome you and will check your temperature and give you a sanitizer.



McDo in Mactan is now a bit hightech since you are going to take your order through a machine.


After which, I immediately go to the counter and paid our bills.


We ordered the following:

  1. 1 pc spicy chicken
  2. 1 pc spaghetti
  3. 2 drinks (coke float and coffee tea)
  4. 1 piece burger steak and egg
  5. 4 pcs rice

From that order, i just paid 305 php(estimatedly equal to 6-7$).

Our order will be served after 15 minutes, so while waiting I took some pictures of its interior.

McDonald's Interior Design



Foods are served.


That's all for now, thank you and have a great day.

Love Lots,



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