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Emerald Teenage Girls foundation was founded by Mrs chigozie who has passion for inculcating good moral values on mostly teenage girls. She met me at children department in living faith church Olokoro Umuahia south, Abia state Nigeria, I was rendering my service to God as usual by taking care of children between the age bracket of 0-4years. According to her she saw how I took care of them like my kids and asked if I will like to be part of her foundation,my reply was yes for I have always had dreams of sensitizing people as my own contribution to them in life.

She gave me a topic to work on for the teenages about menstrual hygiene and sex education . Wow if you have gone through my writing on steemit in the past you will come across sex education too. I took it up from there, we went to the community first having been told of the sensitization by the chief to the villagers I had to go to their houses to remind.


To their surprise we came with sanitary pad for the girls, it became more interesting as others saw the need to be part of it. At first they were few ,we almost got discouraged but kept being positive to our amazement when we were preparing to leave and go to a boarding school near by people started already we have carried sanitary pad for the school away , they were now begging for it. They had to follow us to the school but the school authority did not permit them.


The management said that trouser around the school premises is not permitted, I was on trouser and the one to lecture, God what do I do now? Mrs chigozie who is a nursing mother gave me wrapper that used to carry her baby to tire on my waist for me to lecture . After lecturing she asked the students questions they answered we called them out and rewarded them with sanitary pad. At the end of the day we shared sanitary pad to all and encouraged them to believe in themselves, work it out which is the future they believe in, pay the price for greatness and be at the top.


I've always wanted to go for volunteering service it was a thing of joy to affect lives positively. Thanks for going through my post patiently.


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