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The payout from this post will be 30% for @steemitsfoods and another 30% will be received by an Indonesian charity account named @steem.amal. The bigger payout I get, the bigger support for both accounts will get

Dear my steem food family, I love you all!

Why do I delegate my SP to @steemitfoods?

Simple, because I love food then I love everything about food and this community is all about food. Because I love you all then I am with you

Although I am busy crazily to finalize 12 humanitarian projects in my real life, I do pay attention to this community by visiting the post of you with my little dust in my pocket. I barely able to cook myself recently, that is why I did not post any food things in this community recently. I am so sorry for this my friends

As the program manager for my little humanitarian organization, I need to keep my focus and keep an eye on the ongoing project in the field. Meeting and meeting till late at night, visiting one to another place in a day took most of my time. While I am away from this community, I think it is good to add some power to support you instead of my own finger, so then I have added my delegation to steemfoods up to 1,555.501 SP a few hours ago as it is shown below:

New Picture (9).jpg
My recent delegation to @steemitfoods, it seems not only steemfoods but also some other accounts that need supports

I know I don't have much in my wallet, but at least when I have more power I will definitely add some more to build this community stronger. I do really believe that this platform will be able to give a real BETTER LIFE to the people around the world as long as we keep supporting this platform by producing exclusive high-quality content.

Herein I encourage my dear friends to give support to this community as much as they can: @ayijufridar, @naniarmansyah, @tutiaryati, @radjasalman @hhusaini @p3d1. With your help, this community will be much stronger in the future.

I know that this community is all about food, cooking, recipe, and building a world big foodies family. I have no hesitation to support as much as I can because this community is my home. It necessary for me to keep my home to be a warm place to stay. When you think this way, then you will also feel that you belong to this SteemFoods community. I encourage my brother and sister from all over the world to join our kitchen and celebrate the happy atmosphere with love in the form of food and friendship. Supporting each other in any way possible is a key to build this community stronger.

My suggestion, Please DO NOT SKIP;

My dear friends, what you need to do is keep posting your original great content in this community, no matter you get a big upvote or not because you will always get the good thing at the end. I am sad when I see your post has little payout indeed, but trust me when this community is stronger you will get paid off all of your hard work. Success is not something we can get in an instant way. Our friend @alikoc07 is doing great, don't let him do it alone, together we are stronger!. Impossible for @steemcurator01 to support only this community every day, but as you can see when they have the time they always visit your post and give you a tremendous amount of supports.

Especially, if you have experienced the journey in 2018, this amount of the upvote you get recently is a daydream unless you have great power of your own or if you always produce a real extraordinary post you might get a little bigger upvote, but still compare what you get now it was nothing, I can show you my first journey on steemit:

New Picture (13).jpg

Can you see this? it was me 3 years ago on this platform my friends. How much did I get?, did I stop doing what I am doing now?. If I had stopped, you won't see me here right now, right?. I am not really a newbie on this platform I went through many Hard Fork, so I know exactly what I am telling you. Those posts were made with original pictures of mine, high-quality photos as well, but the payout was nill. I did not complain about what I get, I keep encouraging more friends, visiting their post, and make friendships all over the world until curie found my post and I got paid off my hard work, for you who knows what curie means does understand that was not easy to get an upvote from curie community unless you are really good writers. So my points are:

  1. Keep your good work to build this community and friendships
  2. Build this community to support you someday in the future
  3. No need to complain about what you get, because you will get it one day
  4. Support each other like you do expect others support you

If you think I get big upvotes because I know and close with the steemit team, you are absolutely wrong my friends. I made friends with all steemians both in real life and on this platform, and I try to make something good too for the steemit platform. If now they visit my post and give me some support, that is only the way they support their member just like you as long as you keep doing good things. I do not ask for upvotes from any of my close friends, NEVER!!. They upvote my post because they may think that I am their friend, so as you have friends here in this community please support them. If you keep doing it, this community will be stronger and bigger in no longer time. Build this SteemFoods Community by supporting each other willingly!. Besides, the curation reward is also a great income for you my friends.

I don't have more words to say to you, it is no offends for anybody on this platform, I just say what I think will open your eyes to do more good thing in the future

A warm hug and Best Regards


SteemFoods SEA Representative

 3 years ago 

Saya terharu membaca postingan anda, perjalanan tidak seindah yang kita bayangkan. Semoga batu dan kerikil akan hancur seiring berjalannya waktu. Saya akan mencoba mendelegasikan sp, mungkin sedikit, semoga ada manfaatnya. Terimakasih atas ceritanya

 3 years ago 

Thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

Keep following @steemitblog for the latest updates.

The Steemit Team

thank you very much my friend

 3 years ago 

It is good to see people who support this important community because it is about food and sometimes it is not a little expensive to present a good dish. My regards and respect.

thank you very much my friend, let support our community together

best regards

Terimakasih atas dukungan anda untuk @steem.amal , ini akan sangat bermanfaat dan membantu semua orang .

Thank you. Reading your post, I feel more motivated. I'll do my best! ❤️


Hi, I do expect that you will be more active on the platform. You can join steemfoods community and participate in the recent contest that we are organizing. You can read the contest post form @steemitfoods

Or you like to post the daily activities you can make the diary game with the support from steemcurator01, or you can join Steem SEA for South East Asia community

Best Regards

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