Food diary game | season 5 | 8-1-2022 | club75 | 50% to @sf-charity | potato fries🍟 recipe

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Hello everyone!
This is Attiya. I welcome you all to my food diary game of season 5 day 8. I am all active, fresh and fine today. It was a blessed day allhamdullillah. Let's share the food diary game of yesterday which I couldn't share due to my illness.


As I told you I was not feeling well yesterday. So got up lil late. After that, I made myself breakfast, which was fried egg and toast. I simply enjoyed my first meal of the day.


After then, I made tea using few cloves and cinnamon. This tea is very useful if anyone has some kind of headache or sore throat.



The weather was rainy too yesterday, I taught the students, while then I thought to make some potato fries. I moved to the kitchen, fortunately 4-5 potato were there in the basket. I picked , cut, and made the fries.


To make these fries. The ingredients you need will be

Gram flour4-5 tspn
Corn starch2 tsp
Salt1 pinch (optional)
Oilfor frying

  • Cut the potatoes, washed and let them dried completely.


  • Added flour, corn starch and salt in it. Added water and mixed well.



  • Heated oil in a pan for a while and added the mixture. Fried one side untill golden brown or prepared well.



I hope you like the recipe. Thank you

Kind regards,

Special thanks to @steemitfoods @alikoc07 and @suboohi for the support and guidance.


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