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RE: Shami Kabab || My first cooking experience

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You shared your first post in the SteemFoods Community, Congratulations! :)

The first dish you cook at home looks great and delicious. We all need to increase our culinary knowledge. Buying food from outside is not costly and beneficial for our health. We can prepare both economical and nutritious meals at home. It's great if you set the consistency this way without using flour. I also prepare eggs + vegetables and similar dishes at home, but I use flour as an extra. I am looking forward to the other dishes you will prepare at home. :)

What is this contributor's first post in the Steam Foods Community. Can you vote for the delicious Shami Kabab whenever you are available?@steemcurator01


💓 Thank You so much @alikoc07 🌹 for appreciation in such a great way .. :)