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First and foremost, I'd like to express my gratitude to @steemitfoods for hosting this fantastic contest. This contest will undoubtedly result in numerous beneficial improvements, as we will learn about the pricing of various food items, groceries, and other items by reading the posts of users from all around the world.

Shopping is one of my favorite hobby. I have visited almost all the malls and supermarkets of my city. There's a supermarket near my house. It is one of the largest supermarkets of my city. It is my favorite supermarket since it has a lot of variety and has many branches all across the city. I visit the supermarket at least once every two weeks to buy groceries. The name of this Super Market is CHASE UP


As it is the largest supermarket of my area, they have a very large parking area to accommodate all the vehicles, since the mall is 24/7 filled with people. The main gate also has a security check. People wait for their turn to get checked and then get in.

The supermarket fully air conditioned and well lit. It is very vast from inside to accommodate people. It has 2 floors. The grocery, clothing, fruits and vegetables, crockery, household stuff and toys all had different sections with board placed after a feet or so as guiding maps, to find the designated section.



The grocery section has all kinds of cooking material. It has all kinds of spices, oils, sugar, tea, coffee of different types and basically everything required in kitchen. I usually go there by myself to restock kitchen stuff. It has so much variety and it is very difficult to decide what to buy. The prices are usually affordable.

Then next to it is the beverage section filled with different juices and soft drinks. Since I'm a lover of soft drinks and finding so much variety of them in a single place is such a treat for me, and one of the main reasons of why i love this supermarket. They even have the newest flavors.

Water Bottle1 litre500.8
Slice Juice1 litre90 rps1.5
Raani juice1 litre120 rps2
Cold Drinks500ml500.8
Cold Drinks1 litre901.5
Cold Drinks2.5 litre1502.5

Next to it is dairy section. They have stakes of flavored yoghurts, unsalted and salted both kinds of butter, milk both powdered and condensed, and of course eggs.


Milk1 litre150rps2.5
Yoghurt1 Kilo200 rps3.2

On the second floor is the frozen section where they have poultry as well as cooked and freeze food. It has frozen nuggets, kababs, pizzas which can be eaten after being microwaved. They also have frozen chicken pieces, meat, sausages and beans too. They even have frozen chips which were only to be fried before use.

Chicken1 kilo (with bone)500rps8
Chicken1 kilo (without bone)800rps12.8
Meat1 Kilo800 rps12.8
Mutton1 Kilo1000 rps16

After that I went to buy Vegetables and Fruits. There is every kind of fruit and vegetable present there. I bought some of them and then brought them to the weight counter.


Bananas70 (per dozen)1
Oranges150 (per dozen)2
Apples150 (per kilo)2
Guavas100 (per kilo)1.5
Papaya200 (per kilo)3
Carrots70 (per kilo)1
Cucumbers50 (per kilo)0.8
Tomatoes140 (per kilo)2

After then, I received a message from my mother as I was about to leave. She informed me that the flour was also nearing its end, therefore I should get a 10 kg bag of flour.

Flour5 kilo (Chakki and Fine)450rps7
Flour10 kilo (Chakki and Fine)800rps12.8
Sugar1 Kilo90 rps1.5


It is always good to visit the supermarket and check out variety of stuff. The stuff imported is usually expensive otherwise the prices are fairly reasonable. It always feels great to visit it. I'll also recommend doing their shopping here to other people in Karachi. It offers you the greatest materials at an affordable price. I hope you found my review about his supermarket helpful

I'd like to invite @huzaifanaveed @maazmoid123 , @tucsond to participate in this contest


 2 years ago 

This Supermarket is superp @abdu.navi03, you really took time to show us inside the Supermarket and what they have

 2 years ago 

Me pasa igual que a ti amigo ir de compras es mi pasatiempos favoritos, lastima que vivo en provincia y no hay variedad ni grandes supermercado por eso aunque también los he visitado todos, sigue siendo mi mayor entretenimiento cada vez que realizo mis compras.

Me encanto este Supermercado porque soy fanática de los vegetales y las frutas, sobre todo los bananos, y acá todo se ve muy fresco,

Saludos y mucha suerte.

Hola @abdunavi.03, pues claro con razón amas este sitio si la variedad es mucha y poder elegir entre tantas opciones siempre es mejor, mira tantas frutas y verduras verdes frescas luce muy bien y limpio este lugar, gracias por compartir.

You are welcome

A primera vista se ve muy bonita la estructura arquitectónica del edificio, definitivamente para contemplar. Con respecto a las frutas, se ven muy frescas y coloridas, digno de lo que representa el centro comercial. Se nota que los precios son muchos mas accesibles con respecto a mi pais, aqui en Venezuela un kilo de guayaba puede costa unos 4.80 STEEM o quizas mas dependiendo de la zona.

Dios te bendiga, saludos!!

Thankyou. Yes, all of the fruits and veggies were in good condition.
What's the matter with all the costly guavas? It's possible that your country imports it.

De hecho es por la inflación del la economía

 2 years ago 

Hi, @abdu.navi03 and thank you for sharing with us about your favorite supermarket :)

The place is beautiful. I was surprised to see the prices of some foods. For example, here in Venezuela, I pay four times the price of yogurt and apples. Also meat is slightly cheaper there than here.

Thanks for sharing neat pictures.

We loved seeing your visit prepared specially for #SteemFoods. We would've loved seeing the #sf-favoritesupermarket sign :)


Cheers and good luck :D


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Yes, food is becoming increasingly expensive. However, they are still more cheaper in Pakistan than in other countries.

Hi : @abdu.navi03

Your post has been checked successfully. 💯

Thanks for following the rules! :) 👍

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 2 years ago 

Hello friend, I must say CHASE UP is a very beautiful place to shop. Everything of they things are looking so beautiful.

Best of luck to you.

 2 years ago 

Amigo este Super Market es CHASE UP es justo lo que necesitamos en mi cuidad, me encanta las instalaciones y el servicio del carnicero complaciendo al cliente, los precios se ven accesible y se nota que has disfruta la compra.

Ver la variedad de verduras y vegetales fresco que se ofrecen en este lugar lo hace muy atractivo.

 2 years ago 

Tempat berbelanja yang sangat lengkap juga lokasi yang luas. Terimakasih sudah berbagi postingan yang menarik dan bermanfaat

Never went to this branch of chase up, but now I think I should try that out as it looks like it will be fun to shop from there.

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