1st May Labour Day, or Photographer On Vacation

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Sometimes switching to another activity is a kind of rest. It always works for me, as sitting at the computer and working with eyes and brain is my daily routine. So that I am always happy to work with hands and kegs, especially on the open air.

I visited my mum and daughter on this weekend. They live in town, but also have a house with land. 🏡 She has fruit trees and a quite large kitchen garden.

In quarantine there is no way to get there but by own car. They have no car so I can be very helpful with my vehicle, and with 2 additional pair of hands.

So, we had an early start, my mother, Nick, Nat and I. Despite of the forecast, the weather was very nice. We sow some vegetables and greenery, and after a delicious meal prepared on fire, I grab my camera, as Nat always use the opportunity (namely me) to get some (hundreds) photos of her ☺👩 And this is how our photo break looks first 🙂
I jokingly call myself a photographer, as you may already guess.


Right now I am driving home. More precisely, Nick is driving and I am typing peering into shaking smartphone in the waving and jumping car. To be continue when I got home 🏘

Stay tuned, and stay healthy,

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You are Sometimes switching to another activity is a kind of rest so enjoy your holidays! Keeping smiling like you are smiling in your picture! :)

Thank you so.much for taking time to read and writw a nice comment 😉

You Deserved that comment! ;)