Evening photo of the natural landscape. July 2020

in GEMSlast year

The second time I tried to take pictures in the evening. To be honest, I’ll say that I liked the evening shooting, the photo is quite saturated, and I liked the warm colors. Now I will practice in evening photography, experiments in this case will only benefit. Therefore, I think that in such shootings I will learn how to make high-quality photographs. If everything will be fine with me, then in the fall I want to buy a professional camera to take really beautiful and high-quality photos.

I spent a lot of time in quarantine, now in my city the local authorities have eased quarantine restrictions. It's great when you can freely move around the streets, but for me a lover of hiking is generally a great holiday. Now I can take pictures of my favorite natural landscape. I don’t see many people on the platform, maybe some people expected more from this platform. But, this is a personal matter, everyone does as they feel comfortable. I want to say that these were really talented people. Perhaps they will return to the platform. Let's hope for the best.

See my photos and if you want, then leave comments. It will be great. I wish you all a good Friday, and I wish you good health.






All photos are taken by the author.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51

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