THEME:SPARK PIXIES ,Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

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Above is Yotube video of my Battle

Aslam-Mu-Alakum ,Every one!

First of all,my good wishes for all my Splinterlands family, Hope you all will be safe,healthy,strong at home. you all also will adopt social distance rule in the battle with covid-19. Now a day i am at home, our all city is locked down but there is no single cause reported still but goverment is working best effort for the benefit of every citizen. hope we all will win also this battle against covid-19.

my this post is to take participate in weekly battle challenge contest that is organized by @splinterlands team, @Steemmonsters team , if any my post reader still do not know about this contest then he/she can visit this post to get detail information about this contest. Please visit this post to get detail information about this contest SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Win Upvotes! so this week battle theme is THEME: SPARK PIXIES it is very strong great with great abilities, so if you do not know about theme , that what is rule, then its means that if you wanna take participate in battle weekly challenge contest then you have to use card according to mention theme card. so before taking participate in this contest , you need to use according to them , so never forget to use theme card in battle and share your battle here, . hope new reader of my this post will get point of theme that is used in contest.




let's start battle with happily mode ,so in this battle i used all new cards that i have bought few days ago, so my investment is continue in Splinterlands field. in this battle theme card was according to given challenge. so this battle has fought with these rules
Fog of War: In this rule, Monster lose the sneak and sniple abilities.
Taking Sides: In this rule, Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles.


My army in this Battle



I placed MAGNOR at first place, Magnor is one of the strong cards with many abilities. I didn't use it much because I bought this card a few days ago, but before talking about his abilities, I need to know where and under what rule this MAGNOR fights very well. In this game, I think he couldn't show his abilities, I know about the rule of this battle, but I need to observe his abilities in each rule, to be able to confirm with which rule this card fights very well. MAGNOR was in first place. MAGNOR is a LEGENDARY fire monster image



I placed it at 2nd place, so i used this card in five or ten battle this time, but i am not getting point and its ability, i think it is good card but not very much strong if opponent is strong, might be its performance good in other rules , so i need to observe also. but i liked it very much and it is helping me to win battles if i used it in battle with strong team. i feel 2nd place is best for this card. if any one reader know better place of rule in under this card play well please share in comments area. image


I used GLORIDAX MAGUS at 3rd place, so it is my favorite card . It is LEGENDARY Dragon Monster.
In this battle you can see how beautiful this card fought, so I think the best place to keep this card in battle is the medium, because here it remains protected from the enemy for a long time. image


I used GLORIDAX GUARDIAN at 4th place, it is LEGENDARY Dragon Monster. it has two armor with 6 life heart, and attacking ability is also strong . this card played important role to win this battle. image



It is theme card of this battle, so i did not use this very much, but i think it has good ability , opponent attack went in vain when fire come from enemy side,
here is detail description of this card

In the Burning Lands, the force of electricity is barely understood; it is considered a form of fire. These small but powerful living sparks bring fire through the natural electricity they carry. They are extremely fast, and as a group, they can burn a village in mere minutes. source image


It is my favorite card, i always try to place it at last position, i personally think that last place is best position in battle for this . so i never miss to enter this card in high mana battles so this game also was high mana battle so i used it at last place.

The Ettin are a tribe of mutated primitives in the Burning Lands. Many of them have two heads, an extra limb or an inexplicable tail, but they are all freakishly strong. They dig holes for fun, and they communicate with a completely indecipherable series of grunts and moans. Burning Lands scholars are not even sure that the Ettin understand each other. The Ettin are very observant however of when they are being made fun of or ridiculed for their idiocy. They are a sensitive people. source


Did this Strategy work out well?


Yes , my this strategy worked and i won this battle with very good way. i am happy that my army line up and placement of every card worked very well.

Do you use SPARK PIXIES often? Why or why not?


I did not use this card very much, because i bought it few days ago, after announcement of this week battle theme. so i am observing it is the best card and middle is best place position to keep this card in battle.


3/28/2020, 3:43:27 PM
BATTLE ID: 3917151c22743e11b68f8d291d38b607ecbd10d3
THEME:SPARK PIXIES ,Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge


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source of above gif/image


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Oh my goodness! That lineup is terrifying! Especially at level 1! 😱
Order seems great. Magnor, I think, could be places anywhere you are wanting to draw attacks. First position is good cause it will protect your back line while their snipers and sneakers attack him (the taunt ability). I'm not super familiar with it yet, but I like it.
And your Diamond in 2nd is sound. Something with high health and flying is great there.

Stay safe while we are all praying for positive outcomes during this worldwide pandemic. It's a crazy time. 🥰