My Mom's Zen Doodle Mandala Colouring Artwork

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Hello everyone! I thought of just sharing a few pictures of my mom's mandala colouring today. It is a page from the Zen Doodle Mandala Colouring Book. This is the adult colouring book that is said to be helpful in releasing stress and even work like an active meditation. I have only coloured one page so far.


This is the initial stage where my mom coloured the center piece of the mandala. It looks like it is a small design but only when you start colouring, you will realize it does take some time, as in time consuming to fill the drawing with colours. This is because there are many little spaces and detailed designs.


I gave her my Luna Staedler colours set mixed with few other colour sets I accumulated over the years. My mom did not want other types of colours and wanted specifically colour pencils.

P_20200904_120037_HDR - Copy.jpg

This is my mom colouring intently after ages. Well, this was the day we lost our Internet and water as well so we didn't have much that we could do at home. It was a no cooking day as well.

P_20200904_120044_HDR - Copy.jpg

My mom was adding some final touch ups towards the end.


The colouring was almost done.


Meanwhile on the television, we could not get it connected to our new internet. This is after the technician visited my home to replace our modem.


I colouring is complete. The only good thing of having no Internet and water is that my mom picked up the colours and coloured after a very long time. I think her mandala colouring turned out cheerful.


Thank you for dropping by and since we have entered the wee hours where I live, I am going off to bed. Good night to everyone going to bed and have a nice day if your day has just started ☺☺☺